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How to Enter a Zoom Room without being Registered or Having an Account – Step by Step

18 de May de 2021

Sometimes we have run into difficult situations in which we cannot attend an important meeting, class or course due to any problem or inconvenience that we have encountered. Therefore we end up losing these fundamental opportunities without having anything to do or how to fix it.

Faced with these common and unfavorable situations Necessary measures have been taken to create tools and services that can make us go from a terrible time to find solutions to fix these problems that arise without missing any of the activities that we have planned.

When we talk about these tools we refer to programs and applications focused on video calls. Similarly, we will also have a large number of options to choose from such as Skype or Google Meet. But there is one in specific that lately it has had a significant boom.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is one of the programs focused on video calls or video chat most recognized today. These have played a much more important role in virtual classes taught by secondary schools and universities, thus facilitating full access to all kinds of classes, debates and assignments.

This incredible platform (Software) can be found in applications for phone, computer and also as a website. This innovative video calling tool has 2 types of service, one of them clearly is the payment with which you will have access to all the Zoom options for a fee.

While on the other hand there is also the free service which consists of the ability to make video calls or videoconferences with a limit greater than 100 people participating, but in turn, the time will be set to no more than 40 minutes. This is one of the few restrictions that the free service presents us with.

In case we make the payment and we register on the Zoom website We will have the privilege of being able to add around 1000 active users to our video calls or video conferences, as well as having a predetermined time limit of more than 30 hours of continuous video chat.

Zoom is one of the few video calling platforms that is fully available for download on the vast majority of systems such as iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. It is also important to note that one of its greatest strengths is its simple and interactive interface.

Some of the prices managed by the platform Zoom is the 15 to 20 dollars for premium service with which you can add much more than 100 people in your video calls and you will have a much higher limit of hours. But there is also a more business version of the application, this is known as Zoom Rooms.

Zoom Rooms has the opportunity to offer its users the ability to view up to 49 participants in a single capture during a video conference, it also has other qualities and characteristics that are just as interesting. The cost of this business service ranges from 50 to 100 dollars a month.

But in addition to all these services and options that are offered to us, we will also have the possibility of accessing the respective video calls to which we are invited without the need to register on the Zoom web portal or otherwise, without having to log in. . Here’s how to do it.

Steps to access a Zoom video call without registering or logging in.

Our first step to take It will be to wait for them to send us the respective link of invitation to the video call that will take place in a short time, once we have this link we will proceed to click on it and we will wait for it to appear from any of our installed web browsers.

video call man

Now we will be presented with a portal where we will be told that if we have the application installed, it will be sent directly to it. As well, if we have an account previously registered in Zoom, we will be taken to the video call from this created profile. But a third way will present itself.

We will have the option of join us through our browser, which will allow us to access without having a zoom account, to finally just enter our name and start the video call.