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How to easily create and watermark LibreOffice Writer?

20 de April de 2021

Free software is making a comeback, this initiative started years ago, but it had lagged behind so much modern technology. As expected, in order not to be outdated you have to learn how to create and put a watermark on LibreOffice Writer easily.

This is not really a function of free software but of one of its best programs, which allows the creation of documents and slides.

The difference is that use an interface more freely which is completely versatile and adaptable.

What is Libre Office?

To be able to talk about creating and putting a watermark in LibreOffice Writer easily, it is good to know the context of it first, in order to achieve better efficiency when working. The first thing you should know is that it is capable of opening word documents without using Microsoft Office, therefore it is considered a word processor.

It uses open source, and is similar in operation to Microsoft Word. Its main publisher is GNU v3 and it works on many operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and FreeBSD.

You should avoid being confused with Microsoft’s Office suite, therefore LibreOffice Writer will not be accessible even if Microsoft Office is downloaded and installed in Google Chrome for free or in the case of using Microsoft Office for free online.

This program is excellent and stands out among other things for its characteristics and functions such as: the fact that documents can be saved in DOC and XHTML. Contains auto-correction, auto-completion, equation editors, file compatibility, file export to PDF, built-in drawing tools and templates.

  LibreOffice Writer

It also allows you to place and link graphics, it has a word and character counter, a bibliographic database, support for color and line styles, it can create transparencies and of course, it lets you put watermarks on documents.

Create and watermark LibreOffice Writer easily

It’s time for you to learn how to create your custom watermark. The first thing to do is open the program and go to the toolbar.

Click on the “File” option, this will display a window where you must select “To open”. Here you can open multiple document pages at the same time, select the one you will use and then activate the drawing toolbar.

This is accomplished by clicking on the option “Watch”Which is at the top of the bar like the previous option (file). After pressing it, a new section will be displayed.

Choose “Toolbar” and then “He drew“, Look for the option”Fontwork”, Represented by a brown and white box with a red A and select it.

Then choose the fontwork you want for your watermark and press “To accept”. To complete the process, once your fontwork appears, edit what it says by left clicking on it twice.

create and watermark

To complete this process of creating and putting a watermark in LibreOffice Writer easily, remove the outline of your letters.

Right click on the fontwork and then select the option “Line“, soon “Style“And finally in the box that appears select”None“, later “To accept” to end.

Then right-click the fontwork again and this time select the option “Area“, There choose the color you want and then go to the tab in that same section called”Transparency”Here you can edit the transparency to the percentage you want.

Lastly, copy the fontwork with control + V, and then paste it into the “Header (default style)”Hitting the cross that comes out next to it, this will make it appear on all the pages and you can move it through them.

Add an image

With the explanation of creating and putting a watermark in LibreOffice Writer easily ready, now learn this tip to place any transparent background image.

The first thing is to choose an image that is already transparent, then go to “Format“And then to”Page“, A new window will appear, select the tab”Background”, Here it will give you the option to select the file you want and place it in format, mosaic, position or area.