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How to Easily Activate and Test the New Google Chrome Design

9 de July de 2021

Every day we find new options, features and updates that allow the different applications that we use every day to show us a better version of them. This is the case of Google Chrome, which apparently does not rest and only to offer its users the best service. It is for this reason that we present you the following article that will allow you to learn how to easily activate and test the new Google Chrome design.

Is that Google as well as each of its applications have presented us with new functions and improvements in its design. Now it is the turn of Google Chrome to present improvements in its design, one more face minimalist. So if you want to easily activate and test the new design of Google Chrome, here we will show you.

It is no secret to anyone that Google Crome is the most used search engine and it was about time that it could present its millions of users with a renewed image. At times, only those who use Google Chrome Canary could enjoy some of these changes. But if you keep reading we will teach you how to easily activate and test the new design from Google Chrome.

How to easily activate and test the new Google Chrome design

So that you all can activate and test easily Google’s new design, which in this case is called Material Design. We are going to offer you some little tricks that will surely leave you open-mouthed because of how simple it is. And for this, we are going to do it by means of three codes.

The first one, you must copy and paste it in the search bar which is this chrome: // flags / # top-chrome-md and it will take you to the page where the activation of the new design of Google Chrome. The following code, number two, that we are going to give you, you must copy in the search engine of the page that in contrast to the previous code.

The next code It is Enables touch UI layout in the browser’s top chrome, and you are going to paste this in the search bar, how do I do this? Already being on the page where the experimental functions of Google, you are going to use the keyboard shortcuts and press the following keys on your keyboard and they are the Ctrl keys and the F key.

This action will open the search bar and in it you must paste the link that we gave you as code two. Press enter and the name of the code we are looking for will appear, on the right side of this name some options appear. You clip on it and select Refresh and then go to the bottom of the page and clip on the option Relaunch.

By doing this action will restart the browser and the changes will be applied and in this way we can see the new design. If in case this new presentation of Google Chrome does not please you, you can go back to the page. And look for this option and select Default and then make a clip in Relaunch so that the browser restarts and the changes.

Activate new layout in Google Chrome Canary

For the third way to easily activate and test the new Google Chrome design, but this one is only available for Google Chrome Canary. This is an exclusive version only for developers, if you have this Google you just have to go to the first link and you are going to place the following code in the search engine Use all upcoming UI features.

After you have found it, you will go to the right side and select the next option Enabled and then you go to the final part and you are going to do a clip in the Relaunch option. This will allow as you already know that the browser is restarted and the new version of Google Chrome Canary.

activate google

Here you can appreciate some most significant changes in the design of both the search bar and the windows. And the rest is basically very similar. And in this way we have shown you three different ways of activate and test the new Google Chrome design in a very simple and easy way to apply on your personal computer.