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How to Download Videos from Facebook Lite to Android Cell Phone – Easy and Fast (Example)

1 de May de 2021

Facebook Lite has been widely accepted among users who own an Android device, since, it is a lightweight platform, which consumes little data and is easy to use. In addition, it gives users options such as updating Facebook Lite without the Play Store, with simple steps.

However, questions can sometimes arise about how to use certain functions. Also how to view message requests on your Android quickly and safely, among other questions. That is why in this post, you will learn to How to download videos from Facebook Lite on the Android cell phone? easily and quickly and answer your questions.

Something important that you should know before downloading a video from Facebook Lite, is that you have to bear in mind that You can only save or download Facebook videos if they are owned, copyright-free or from third parties but you have their direct permission.

How to download videos from Facebook Lite on the Android cell phone?

  • Using the browser:

  • Open your Facebook Lite account.
  • Identify the video you want to download; In the upper right corner of the video you will see three dots in a horizontal position, click there.
  • A menu will be displayed where you must select “Copy link” and automatically the link will be copied to the clipboard.
  • Then you must go to your browser of preference and copy the letters getfvid in the search banner and press search.
  • Immediately you will see several results of said search; therefore, you must choose the first option where a page called will appear and the title is “Download videos from Facebook”, open that page.
  • On the home page it will ask you to paste the URL that you copied from the Facebook Lite video, paste that link.
  • Press the green button “Download”.
  • Then you will see three options to download: HD, normal quality or in MP3 (audio only); Select the one that suits you best and the download will start automatically.
  • When your video download is complete, it will be saved in the gallery of your Android device.
  • Using an app:

  1. Download the app “Video Downloader for Facebook” on Google Play.
  2. Once your application is downloaded; Open your Facebook Lite social network and find the video you want to download. Select it and save it (later it will explain how to save a video).
  3. Now you must log in to the “Video Downloader for Facebook” app (you must enter the data you use in Facebook Lite).
  4. Within the application, display the menu and select “My videos”.
  5. A box will appear with a list, select “Saved Videos”.
  6. It will immediately redirect you to a window where are all the videos that you have saved in Facebook Lite. Click the drop down arrow next to the video and select “Download”.
  7. Then your video will begin to download.

How to save my videos from Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite offers its users the option to save videos, links and photos. It also allows you to mute or deactivate notifications, which may be annoying to you. These are the steps to save a video to your Facebook Lite account:

  1. In the upper right corner of the video you will find three points in a horizontal position, click there.
  2. When a menu is displayed select “Save Video”; immediately your video will be saved.
  3. Every time you want to search for the video you have saved you must press the three horizontal stripes found in the upper right corner.
  4. When a menu is displayed with several alternatives, it searches “Saved” and click there.
  5. Then the video you saved will appear. On the right side of the video you will find three points, if you click on them a menu will be displayed where you will see several options; including the option to share or delete what you have saved.

When you save a video, it will be stored in Facebook Lite and only the account owner will be able to view it; it is not available to other users nor will it be stored on the mobile device.

Advantages and disadvantages provided by Facebook Lite:

  1. Consume less mobile data.
  2. Works well on any mobile network, including 2G network phones.
  3. Quick and easy installation; also this app is very easy to use.
  4. It takes up little space in the memory of the mobile.
  5. Works on almost all devices Android.
  6. There is also Messenger Lite, this app allows you to make video calls, calls and write.
  7. It contains many of the functions that the original version of Facebook offers.
  8. It is ideal for people who have a poor internet connection or little data.
  1. Facebook Lite does not allow you to access some sites; for example, live videos.
  2. The options for creating a post are more limited in this version.
  3. The design is a bit old; compared to the original version of Facebook.
  4. Messenger Lite does not contain all the options that the full version of Messenger offers.

facebook app lite

Downloading videos on Facebook Lite is very simple, as well as giving it a personal touch like activating dark mode on your Android in a few steps. So follow these steps and you will have all the videos you want on your Android.