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How to Download Stickers to use in Signal? – No Third Party Apps

28 de March de 2022

A basic function in messaging platforms are the stickers, which are even already available on WhatsApp. Stickers are available on virtually any messaging service, including the Signal app.

What does it require to have your Sticker so that you can add it to your App?

Stickers that work in WhatsApp or Telegram applications will work without any complications in Signal. It will only be necessary to import the sticker pack from one application to the other and they will work in the same way.

How to use the Stickers you have on WhatsApp within Signal?

The fastest and easiest way to get stickers from WhatsApp or another application is to save the stickers received by other contacts. To save the stickers that other contacts send, you simply have to tap on the received sticker and save it. In the case of being a package of stickers available in Signal, the option to save the package of stickers will be allowed.

In the case of importing them by the user himself, he will have to use the computer versions of each application or download a package of stickers. To import them into the app, you need to open the Signal app on your computer and Files > Create/Upload sticker packs. There add the file or WhatsApp sticker packs.

If the stickers are obtained from the application itself, you will have to open WhatsApp Web and search for a chat in which the stickers have been sent. Save them with right click on the computer and import them into Signal. In the case of having downloaded a pack of stickers, you only have to import the pack in Signal. Stickers available for Telegram can also be searched for instead of using WhatsApp stickers.

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What is the process of installing Stickers directly in Signal?

All applications with support for stickers have a section to add stickers. Of course, Signal also has a similar section. From this section you can view and manage the available stickers.

How to manage your Stickers within Signal?

To open the sticker management menu, you have to enter any active chat within the application. In the space for writing messages, you must touch the icon in the lower right corner: there you can view emojis, GIFs and stickers. After selecting the stickers section, by touching the plus icon, you will see the options menu for the stickers.

Delete a Sticker

To remove a sticker, you have to click on the ‘X’ on the sticker of the list that you want to delete. The sticker after being deleted will not be available to be used (although it will not disappear from the sent messages).

Move site stickers

In the stickers menu, these will appear in a list whose order will be the same in which they will be seen in the chat. To move stickers that are used more regularly up, you have to press and hold on the name of the sticker and move it to where you want to place it.

Install a pack of Stickers

In this same menu, if you click on the magnifying glass, a section similar to the store will open with all the available stickers. You just have to filter with keywords to find a pack of stickers on any theme.

Create your own Stickers within the App

To create the stickers in the Signal application, it is necessary to have the platform’s computer application. From the desktop application, go to Files > Create/Upload sticker packs and from this option generate the package of stickers for the application. You can also create stickers for Telegram and import them later to Signal.

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What recommendations to follow so that your Stickers work correctly?

The imported stickers they will all work the same way. However, if the stickers are going to be generated from scratch, then some considerations will need to be taken. To ensure they work properly on any device.

16 pixel margin around each Sticker

When the sticker is being edited, the dimensions of the image should not be larger than 16 pixels. Either in its length or its width, or else the sticker will not display correctly on the screen.

Use a transparent background

To ensure that a transparent background is being used, it is recommended to use a image format .png or similar. If the image has a white background instead of a transparent background, that same background will be reflected when the stickers are sent.

APNG files are not supported

APNG files are not supported by any application for creating stickers. The ideal format is PNG to create transparent backgrounds, but JPG or JPEG formats are also valid for creating stickers.

Animated Stickers must have 30 to 60 frames

In the case of using animated stickers, the frames per second they must be in a range between 30 and 60 or else they will not work in the application. To make the creation process easier, the most recommended is to create them for WhatsApp and from there import them to Signal.