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How to Download Photos from Messenger and Upload them to Facebook From Your Cell Phone?

18 de November de 2021

More and more people are using social networks to be connected with the people most attached to them. One of the most used apps to do this is Messenger. Through this you can do an infinity of things and in this tutorial we will show you how you can save images that you have received in a chat to forward them or add them to a story.

Messenger is Facebook’s exclusive instant messaging application and through this app you can send files such as images, even if you have received them from a chat and want to send it to the same chat that you have there in Messenger. In order for you to do this, you have to enter the chat where the image you want to send is located.

There are two ways to find these images. One is the manual way, in which you must swipe the chat until you find this image. The other is by entering the shared media files. These are found by clicking on the information icon of the right side of the chat on top. In that new menu you will slide to the option of ‘See photos and videos’ from here you will be able to see the files that have been shared in this chat.

Now to send this image to any other chat, you have to open the image and click on the forward icon, which is a little arrow pointing to the right side. Now you can send it to any chat denter Messenger just by clicking on the send button next to the name of this contact.

What are the steps to download a photo from a Messenger chat?

When an image is sent by Messenger, it is not automatically saved in your phone’s storage, since it is kept on the platform of this network. But it is possible to save it on your phone, you just have to open this image, either from the chat or from ‘See photos and videos that is in the chat information’. Then you just have to click on the ‘More’ icon, which is in the lower left part of the photo and there will be the option to save.

How do I upload an image downloaded from Messenger to Facebook?

After you have downloaded this image from the Messenger app, it will be saved in your phone’s storage. Because, if you want upload it to a post or a Facebook story you will not have any problem. You are going to enter the Facebook app and right at the beginning you can see the option to ‘Add story’ and you are going to press it. Then you have to choose if you are going to add a writing or a photo or video to upload.

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When you press it, the files that are stored in your gallery will open. These will be in date order, that is, the most recent images will be in the top positions. There you will choose the image you just made download from your Messenger and you will upload it. You can also add this photo to a post so your friends can see and react to it.

What should I do to upload a chat image to my Messenger status?

You have probably received a good image on your Messenger and want to add it to your story without having to download the image. You just have to find the image within the chat and you are going to press the ‘Share’ icon, which is a triangle with circles in the corners. When you do, you have to click on the choice of ‘History’ and then you can make the edits that you see fit. Finally, you will press on share so that it is added to your Messenger story.

How can I change my Messenger profile picture if I have a Facebook account?

There are people who use Messenger without having Facebook. Therefore, if you want to add a profile picture to your Messenger, you have to enter the Messenger application and you are going to click on the silhouette of a person at the top of the screen. There you are going to click on the profile photo that is there and you can take a photo or choose one from the gallery.