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How to Download Photos and Videos from Google Photos to my Mobile or PC – Download Photos Google Photos

28 de June de 2021

The Google corporation has been in charge of being much more than a search engine, but an infinite source of benefits, including Google Photos, which is nothing more than a image backup platform that are stored by users on their devices.

Although it works based on the synchronization that must be enabled by the user, this backup means has the benefit of constantly updating itself with each of the content that is added to the equipment.

In this way, and whether or not they have an Internet connection, each user who has a subscription to the service and the program installed on the device, will know that their multimedia content will be stored with total security and permanence on this platform.

If for any reason you are interested in downloading all these files to your computer or recovering some images and videos that have been deleted from your device, you can continue reading to learn how to do it.

Learn to use the Google Photos platform on your PC and mobile device

Defining the usability of this platform is not necessary, as there are no doubts about the capabilities that this application can achieve for its users.

Beyond being a new gallery developed by this famous corporation, Google Photos has a constant service of options related to the editing, quality and support of multimedia content which is added within each device.

No matter what type of equipment it is, only it will be enough to have a Google account to synchronize each of the data with this platform, and thus enjoy the options it has to offer you.

Is it possible to download the content of Google Photos back to the phone or a computer?

Although this is a platform that is constantly compared to other backup media, the gallery designed by Google finds a way to always stay on top of offers and recommendations.

The good thing about your system is that, as well as allows to create backup copies on multimedia data devices, it also allows you to download them freely. Each mode is different depending on the task you want to do.

Download a single image or video to your mobile or PC

Google Photos has a unique feature that allows you to download your gallery content to any computer by which the user decides to enter his account.

That is why, if you want to download a single multimedia file, all you have to do is access what is stored within your profile and locate what you want to download.

Once opened, you will see that in the upper right part there is a three-point icon, which when you press it will show you the option to “Download”. By pressing it, the content will be automatically downloaded and stored within the device.

If you want to download an entire album of images or videos, you must select it within the platform’s gallery and repeat the previous steps using the three dots icon.

Download all content from Google Photos to a mobile device or computer

If you want to recover all the content backed up within the Google gallery, either to have it stored on the device or to delete it from this platform without losing it, you should know that it is also possible to achieve it.

Although the procedure is a bit longer, it all comes down to accessing Google TakeOuts, which is nothing more than the platform that allows you to download all the data related to your Google accounts.

download galleries google takeout

By choosing the “Download all” section, you must uncheck the rest of the services that you do not want to recover, leaving thus only Google Photos content enabled.

Within this selection you can decide if you want to download a specific format, size and date, and then click on “Next” and enable the creation of a file or tablet that facilitates the procedure.

Once everything is chosen, the conversion process will automatically start, the time of which will be determined by the number of files you have in the gallery.

At the end, your email you will receive an email containing a URL address where you can download all the content of your backup to your computer or mobile as you wish.