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How to Download or Download the Zoom Video Call App (Example)

19 de May de 2021

Zoom is an app designed to make communication much easier and more fluid. It is an excellent tool, since it provides a great capacity for user accommodation in the same room (session) and allows to have videoconferences in an agile and private way using the internet.

It allows you to communicate simultaneously with a number of 50 to 100 people at the same time. This app supports video conferencing from your mobile device and from your computer. Keep reading and you will discover how to download or download the Zoom video calling application.

How to download the Zoom app successfully

In order to download Zoom for PC, what you have to do is go to its main page. Once the previous step is done, you will see the following options:

  • Zoom clients for meetings. This option will allow you to access automatically when you start or use a meeting for the first time by Zoom.
  • Zoom Add-in for Microsoft Outlook. It will be installed in the toolbar of the same allowing you to start or schedule a meeting with a single click.
  • Zoom Extension. Through the extension, you can start or schedule your meeting by clicking from the browser or within the Google calendar. This option is available for both Google Chrome and the Firefox search engine.

Download and install Zoom so that you can hold meetings yourself and also so that you can join meetings with friends and family. In other words, with this app, you will act as host or guest under the circumstances.

Once the installer is downloaded, you click the “Run” button and wait for the program to install and start. Then a Zoom window will appear with the following two entries: Join a meeting and register. As it will be the first time you use it, you must choose “Register”.

Steps to register for the first time in Zoom

  1. Create an account. You can choose whether to use an email address or use your Google or Facebook account.
  2. Sign in with Google with your Gmail account. The existing email data will automatically appear, which will speed up the process.
  3. Click on ¨Continue¨.

With steps, it is possible to create a Zoom profile. Now, every time you open the application, and you order it to log in with Google, it will open the main panel of your account.

Now you probably want to create a room in Zoom or a meeting. To achieve this, go to the upper left, specifically where it says ¨Reuniones¨. Enter ¨Configuraciones¨ and modify it to your preference. You can access to turn off the camera.

If you downloaded the application on your computer and phone, it is recommended to click on both, located in ¨Audio¨, so that you can listen to both devices. When using or using Zoom, the meeting has these other options:

  • Enable before host.
  • Mute participants when entering.
  • Enable waiting room.
  • Record the meeting on the local computer.

After familiarizing yourself with all the above settings, press “Continue”. Enter the app again, so that the changes you made are activated.

Upon opening, you will get a window with the following message: Connect to the computer’s audio and test the computer’s audio. We recommend you click on connect to the computer’s audio. If you want to join a Zoom meeting from your PC, this will be very useful for you.

laptop zooming in clouds

Already located on the main screen of the meeting, you will find the following tools at the bottom:

  • The icon of ¨Microphone¨. By pressing there you will enable or disable it.
  • A camera to open the image or not.
  • Invite more people.
  • Participants. In it you will be able to observe all those who are participating in said meeting.
  • Share screen. Participants will be able to share anything from images to files.
  • Chat. Write to everyone who is connected to you.

It is important that you know that Zoom is free. In addition, it only allows 40 minutes of conversation. After the time elapses, you will automatically leave the meeting. This occurs when 3 or more participants are connected.

If there are only two or one, it is unlimited. Participants can disconnect and connect again without any problem. With a good internet connection, the communication opportunities offered by this popular tool are countless. Wait no more, download and use the popular Zoom app.