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How to Download and Install Kodi for Android Smart TV | Very Easy (Example)

9 de July de 2021

If you have purchased a Smart tv Maybe you have already heard of Kodi and are interested in installing Kodi for Android Smart Tv

But What is Kodi? It is presented as an Open Source multimedia platform that allows you to view a large amount of content such as videos, photos, music, movies, series, among others.

It can also be complemented by giving you the possibility to download games, programs to watch the news, the weather and many other things.

How to install Kodi for Android Smart Tv?

We know that not all Smart TVs have an operating system AndroidSome, like the Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV, do have this, for them this tutorial is aimed at those TVs with this integrated operating system.

There are two ways to achieve install Kodi for Android Smart Tv. The first is the simplest, if our TV has the Play Store or the TV’s own application store integrated, we just have to search for Kodi in it and download the application.

In the event that we do not have a store, we must access the Internet and find the official Kodi page, where we can download the most updated version of the App. Once we have done the download and installation we have finished with this part.

Once you manage to install Kodi on any Smart TV, proceed to connect your mobile phone with your device and thus be able to use it as a remote control.

Now that you have Kodi, what can you do?

First you must configure the app and customize it, you can enter “Setting“And go reviewing the sections to modify each one according to your taste, for example, you can enter”Interface”To access the languages.

Then you can configure the source of installation of the files, in the option “Add-ons”You must activate the slider of“origins unknown”.

Later you can take the customization to another level by editing the theme of the app, enter “Setting” and then to “Interface“Once there, look for the option”Skin“And you will be able to view the preloaded themes of the application, but if you want to obtain new themes you can click on the option”Get more”.

Does installing Kodi for Android Smart TV replace live tv?

Currently, TV has been declining in homes due to the use of computers and smart devices such as Smart TVs.

Kodi arrives as an innovative platform by offering countless options such as live tv, movies, music, games and many other features for entertainment. Therefore, it could be considered that it is noted as one of the platforms that makes competition to TV by subscription.

Although it is also noteworthy that some of these features are still in trial periods or are not from reliable creators, so we cannot say that subscription TV will be replaced so soon.

We must also take into account platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Disney + that, without downloading additional files, also offer us a wide range of programs.

Smart TVs revolutionize our homes

These devices that a few decades ago were hardly dreamed of, today have become the great companions of our homes.

Due to specifications such as internet access and its connection with other devices such as cell phones or tablets, they make a great difference in the visual experience.

Also adding its large screens developed with technologies that show a fairly sharp and realistic image.

kodi on smart tv

That is why they stand out when viewing movies, documentaries, series, newscasts and even sports.

In addition, some integrate digital cameras that allow make video calls or video conferences from the comfort of our armchairs or conference rooms.

And all this without talking about its innovative designs and its finishes that highlight its specifications, such as Ultra-HD screens or Surround Sound. Finally I hope that this tutorial will be of great help to you and you will install Kodi for Android Smart Tv.

In addition to being able to install it on your Smart TV, you can also do it on Xbox One, so if you own this console, do not hesitate to download it and enjoy its services from this video game console. The Kodi streaming channel is not only open to Android software, if you have an iPhone or Ipad you can also download it without problem.