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How to Do the Initial Setup of Amazon Echo with Alexa in Spanish?

11 de February de 2022

Smart speakers have revolutionized the market, everyone prefers one of these devices due to the multiple functions it can perform just by using voice command. We are talking about Amazon Echo, a smart device that will facilitate certain tasks in your home.

If you’ve recently purchased an Amazon Echo or are thinking of getting on the cutting edge of technology and buying one, you’ll want to know how to do the initial setup of your Amazon Echo with Alexa, including how to troubleshoot any issues in the pairing and setup process. For that reason this article is for you, continue reading and you will be able to use your Amazon Echo correctly and take advantage of its functions.

What to do to put internet on your Amazon Echo?

Little by little, advances in the field of technology have given rise to equipment that makes it easier to carry out different tasks in your home, turning it into a smart home only by using a device capable of being configured with your voice. Find out what it is and how Amazon Alexa commands work so that your smart speaker performs the actions you indicate.

Amazon Echo is one of those smart devices that have currently revolutionized the technology market. Are the most sought after devices today. Once you acquire it you will witness the novelties that you can make. But before you start enjoying your device, you must configure it, allowing it to access your Internet network.

You must first make sure that your Amazon Echo is connected to the power outlet. Then, you enter the Alexa application and there you click on Settings located in the navigation panel. Next, click on Set up a new device. You must press and hold the action button on your Amazon Echo until you see the orange color in the ring, This will connect your mobile device or tablet to your Echo.

You can view the list of available WiFi networks, you must locate your home network, click on it and proceed to enter the WiFi password. The next step is to click on Connect. That way your Amazon Echo will connect to your WiFi network, you will see that you already have Internet when you see the confirmation message and you will be able to use your Echo.

How to connect your Amazon Echo with Alexa?

connect amazon echo with alexa

Amazon Echo is part of the range of smart devices to have comfort in your home. There are many actions that this device can perform, but for your Amazon Echo to work intelligently as you expect, you must perform the proper configuration, which implies connect your Amazon Echo with Alexa. This is a very simple process to execute.

But for this, it is necessary to have Alexa, so you must download the Amazon Alexa application to proceed with pairing. As we mentioned, the procedure is simple, that’s why we teach you how to do it. We describe the process below.

Where to download the official Amazon Alexa app?

For the initial setup of your Amazon Echo you must first connect your device to a WiFi network as we detailed at the beginning. Next you must connect your Amazon Echo with Alexa, for this you must first download the application from the Play Store or Apple Store virtual store, depending on the device you have.

download amazon alexa app

Now, you proceed to Connect the device, enter the Alexa application, click on the three horizontal lines to access more menu options and Click on Add device. Then, choose Amazon Echo and click on the model of your Amazon that you have, if it is Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Pul, among others.

Once you have made the selection of your smart device, follow the instructions that will be given to configure the device. Once this is done, you will see on your screen that the device has connected with Alexa and you can ask questions or queries to Alexa on Amazon Echo.

What to do if pairing fails?

Something you should keep in mind is that during the process of linking your Amazon Echo with Alexa, errors may occur that prevent the procedure from being executed correctly. If this is the case, do not worry because there is a solution and here we show you what you should do in that case.

You can easily fix this error. Follow these instructions and you will see how you can solve configuration problems with the Echo smart device. First, you must verify that the Amazon Echo device is connected to the network from Internet.

Then verify that you have the latest version of the Alexa app. Afterwards, you proceed to Restart your Amazon Echo device and then you will need to reset your Amazon Echo device to its initial settings. If the problem continues, contact Amazon technical support on its official website.

How to initially set up Alexa to work with Amazon Echo?

Once you have connected your Amazon Echo smart speaker with Alexa, you proceed to setup. To do this, when the link between the device and Alexa is shown on the screen, click on Continue. There You must select the Wi-Fi network again from your home, your mobile will immediately connect and send this information to the Amazon Echo to connect as well.

Next, click on Continue, there in that window you will have to identify yourself with Alexa, that is, who you are through the Alexa application installed on your mobile, you will obtain the profile and you must confirm your identity. After indicating your name, it will also ask for your last name, write it in the section and press Continue.

sign in with alexa to use amazon echo

Now you proceed to grant permissions for Alexa to access your contacts, clicking on Allow and then on Continue. This is important so that you can make and receive calls through your Amazon Echo with Alexa. Enter your phone number and again click Continue. Enter the code received by text message for the confirmation of your phone number and that way you will have made the initial configuration of Alexa to work with Amazon Echo.