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How to disable two-step verification on Facebook? – Login

23 de May de 2022

Facebook is one of the social networking services with various functions. Us provides communication with family and friends in the digital age. Despite this, it is not error-proof. If you’ve lost your phone and you can’t access the platform because you don’t remember the 2FA code and you need to know how to disable Facebook’s two-step verification, in this article we’ll tell you how to do it.

Is it possible to bypass the Facebook confirmation without using the code?

Two-step verification is an additional check you have to do when you access the platform from a browser or device that you do not know. In addition to the key you must register a password that undoubtedly validates your identityin order to give you greater computer security.

In the event that someone wants to access your account only with your password, they will not be able to do so. If you are in a scenario where you do not have access to your code generation, we will tell you a way to use to solve such a situation. Skipping the Facebook review.

The first thing you should do is start the 2FA process, and when the request for the six-digit password is made, click on ‘You need another form of Authentication’. Once this is done, choose the option ‘Send me a text message with a login code’ and then wait for it to generate.

Another option is to allow the app to call you to another number. That is registered in your faction image. It is useful to have an phone number as a backup in the profile. You can also solve your problem. Using an authorized cell phone number to access your account.

When signing in with a profile picture for the first time in a new browser, device or app, the question arises if you can remember it. This ensures that you won’t need a code to log in when you log in later from this authorized device. For it, make sure you choose the ‘Save Browser’ alternative and stay connected in the future.

Can you disable two-step verification on Facebook?

If you need to disable two-factor authentication, just tap disable on the social network’s two-step setup page. This way you can login with your credentials Basically start on the platform.

If you want to disable the codes by SMS or email and also use another reliable process for two-step authentication on the platform. You should have an active third-party accreditation app or a security password attached to your account.

Turn off verification codes by text message by choosing disable next to the number of the mobile you want to stop using. If you don’t have a third-party authentication app enabled to protect your account or a security key, disabling the mobile device number also disables two-factor authentication.

protect facebook account

How to change the identity verification method on Facebook?

  • Go to your Facebook profile. Once there, click on the area above, specifically on the right of the site, and then on Settings.
  • Choose the Security section and start the session. This will lead you to a new page, where you will find the item ‘Use two-factor authentication’. Choose the Manage section.
  • Then, select from two of the following security methods: Login codes with a third-party authenticator app and Notes keys from mobile.

Switch to SMS message

Text messaging validation is one of the options for users who do not have a smartphone and there is no way to enter a code generator app. When you select validation by SMS you have to register the number of your mobile device choosing the country of origin. Facebook will send you an SMS to do the configuration.

After selecting the alternative that you prefer, you have already achieved two-step verification on Facebook. If you still want to add more security to your account. Review other items like login only from known devices. And in alert settings. This gives you more protection in case you lose your cell phone, if someone steals or hacks it.

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Use the Authenticator app

When you select the app. Click on the edit element in configuring the app that will be used when starting the session. It is important to note that this method is convenient for those who have a Smartphone. You can download a code generator app like Google Authenticator.

With the app already installed, it informs you when you open it for the first time that you add an account. You can do this with a bar code or with a password. The platform offers you both. But select Scan barcode. Locate the QR code available on the Facebook website, focused on the center of the browser, if it does not appear, wait a moment for the focus to be corrected.

In this social network they ask you for the confirmation key, which in this case is the 6 digits that Google Authenticator shows. With this you have already enabled 2-step verification through a third-party app.

Every time you go to start Facebook you must have the phone to enter the password that the application tells you. The benefit of this class of apps is that the code remains available for a certain period, which allows it to be renewed after the time limit has elapsed. Losing validity of the previous password.

mobile phone application

Note: If the methods you have tried have not worked. Send a request to Facebook to solve your authentication problem. And so you can access the platform.

Via code generator

The code producer is a convenient way to access two-factor authentication without the mobile number. This tool is available inside the Facebook appfor Android and iOS systems.

Access the code generator from these devices. Open the platform app, and click on the figure that is at the top right and extend it down. Once there, click on settings and privacy. Next, choose the code manager. When activated, the phone will generate a special security key, which will give you more confidence.

Note: The platform does not charge you for using SMS for verification in 2 two steps. Instead, keep in mind that the standard rates of your mobile service provider will be applied.