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How to Disable Comments on Facebook Timelines?

30 de January de 2022

The most used social network in the world is still, by far, Facebook, its popularity is almost unimaginable, what is imaginable is that with so many users, not so healthy practices have gained strength. We talk about harassment, teasing, offense and/or criticism.

Faced with this problem, the platform has seen the need to reinforce privacy options, it is there, where the criteria of each user enters in taking the measures they consider pertinent. For example, prevent comments on your Facebook timeline. If you are interested in configuring your profile with this setting, continue reading.

How do you select the type of people you want to comment on your timeline?

As you know, the way to view Facebook posts in chronological order, by default allows any of your friends on the network, exercise comments on the publications you upload or share. Although this is something that you cannot prevent for now, you can disable the comments option on your Timeline.

For now, this is the most important security measure that the application offers you, controlling who or if definitely someone can post on your timeline. By setting “job configuration review”, you can set any message that someone tries to post on your timeline to be pending, awaiting your review and approval.

on mobile

First of all Log in or create a facebook account, after that you can access the settings panel where we will make the privacy changes. So to proceed you must open the app from your mobile phone, select the symbol of the three parallel horizontal bars, in the upper right corner. Next, go to “Account Settings” and then “Timeline and Tagging”.

disabling comments on facebook timeline

From this panel you will have the option to make your account more private, through question assisted settings. These include who can post to your timeline, whether you want to enable review of your friends’ tags for permission to view them, who can see posts you’ve been tagged in, and who can see what third parties post to your timeline.

Go configuring each question with the option that best suits you: Everyone, friends of friends, friends or just me. This way you make sure to protect your privacy towards third parties on the platform.

From PC

Since you are looking to improve your privacy, you should know that it is possible to search for people on Facebook with their email, if this is something that you also want to avoid, you can do it from the same configuration panel. Now assuming the settings you want it carry out from a computer, The procedure to achieve this consists of:

From the Facebook Home, click on the gear symbol located in the upper right corner, corresponding to Settings. Here the option remains with the same name “Biography and labeling”, when you enter it you will notice that the configuration questions are exactly the same as if you accessed from your mobile, as is logical.

Remember that, to prevent unwanted publications on your Timeline, the most relevant option is ¿Who can add content to my timeline? There you must choose “Only me” and activate the tag review, with this simple step you significantly restrict the option of someone putting what they want on your profile.

How to hide comments from annoying users on your timeline?

If you find yourself in a situation in which users of the social network are committing abuse and offenses in your profile or you simply want to prevent this from happening, you have the option of restrict certain types of words or terms when someone comments on your page. Doing so consists of:

  • From the same Settings panel, now click on the “General” section.
  • There, locate the “Profanity Filter” option, change the option from Off to “Moderate” or “High”, as convenient for you, that option restricts the words commonly considered offensive on the platform.
  • If your case is that you want to restrict one or more specific words from your profile, the corresponding option is “Page moderation”, there you enter the terms in question and they will be blocked.

What do you need to do to set your timeline comments to ‘Private’?

Every day the privacy of your information is most valued, haters and attackers seem to be attentive to the minimum security gaps, so make sure you block your Facebook account and make it private, because the more restricted you have access to your profile, the more peace of mind you can have.

facebook how do you like

As we have already established, your Timeline is a space where the information you publish must be in line with what you want to transmit and share. many times this prevents you from acting freely, because any user can see what you comment on or the reactions you have to other posts. Now to avoid this:

  • From the Settings option, go to the “Ads” section.
  • Then to “Ad settings” and then “Ads that include your social actions”.
  • Modify the configuration to “Nobody”, with this your activity will be private.

If you want to disable comments

A more drastic option you can take is completely block the display of your posts, with this it will be impossible for a third party to comment on them, from the “Your activity” configuration, choose “Who can see your future publications?” or “Limit who can see your past posts” to just me. Among all the security and privacy measures that Facebook has, you must make the modifications that best suit your needs.