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How to Disable and Stop Receiving Group Notifications on Facebook (Example)

6 de July de 2021

The problem with being a member of many groups is having a greater number of notifications that increases in a disproportionate way. If this has happened to you and you want to know how to disable and stop receiving group notifications on Facebook keep reading the article.

It is normal that when sailing we join groups because we saw something that interested us at the time. Groups are a way of bringing people with a common interest together to actively interact by sharing information.

However, being part of many groups can cause us to lose sight of friends’ publications in our news section, since our beginning is filled with publications and notifications of the activity in each group to which we belong.

Don’t worry, there is a way that you can better control and filter what you see, personalizing your tastes and interests so that Facebook shows you what you consider most important. You can deactivate all notifications of the groups that you receive and get rid of the publications of the same or part of them. Doing so is simple and will take very little time.

How to disable notifications in Facebook groups fast and easy

Turn off notifications for your Facebook groups It’s very simple. To begin, log in by entering the platform. You can do it from the website on your computer or from the application on your mobile device.

To customize the notifications you receive, in your news section, click on “Groups”. If you do it from your browser, this option will be in the menu on the left, while if you do it from the application you must access it from the menu on the right.

Keep in mind that when you join a group, you receive notifications of “The most outstanding“By default. You can change this setting whenever you want in no time.

Search and position yourself on a group by entering their profile. Click on the notifications that you have under the cover photo. You will have a new menu where you can choose the type of notifications you want to receive. You can choose to:

  • All publications, you will receive a notification every time a member publishes something.
  • Highlights, you will get a notification of suggested posts and friends.
  • Friends posts, you will receive a notification every time a person on your friends list shares a post on the group wall.
  • Disabled, you will not receive any more notifications from the group in question.

set news preference

How to get rid of Facebook group posts in a few steps

You can also choose get rid of group posts in your news section in a few steps. You can do it from your browser or from the application on your mobile device.

To configure the publications you see in your news section, enter the Facebook platform and go to the options menu as mentioned above.

From the browser, click on the button at the top of the screen to open the menu. Choose “News preference “. In the box below, customize your preferences. You will see that, on the left, you have a menu with the options:

  • Resume
  • People
  • pages
  • Groups
  • More

Enter the tab “Groups”. You can sort them to see them in alphabetical order or by the most viewed. Use the option that is most comfortable for you. Find the groups whose publications you no longer want to see and press the button on the right “Following”To stop following. The button will now change to “+ Follow”.

As you can see, with these simple steps you can disable and stop receiving group notifications on Facebook and change the preferences of the news you want to see.