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How to Dictate Text with the Voice Typing Command on my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

27 de June de 2021

Virtual assistants have existed for more than 40 years, which began with word interpretation systems. Thus, the first systems of speech recognition were the answering machines, passing to the first computers and later to all technological devices.

Voice recognition is conquering our lives, and is that, currently this new digital era is facilitating even more the activities of daily life, and even those that require a more complex field, an example of them is the labor field, a of the areas most benefited if we talk about technological advances.

How to dictate text with voice command on my Iphone, Ipad or Ipod Touch?

Before getting into the steps for voice dictation, it is necessary to note that voice dictation allows to control phones, iPads, computers, vehicles and other technological devices, absolutely without touching them by means of voice requests. These are trained with the user’s voice to later execute all the voice searches that it requires.

To start voice dictation, on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch the user must press microphone option on the keyboard and simply start speaking, to finish you must touch the keyboard symbol.

There will be occasions when voice dictation has limitations when hearing the word clearly, but there is nothing to worry about, since there is an option to solve it, through a blue line that will be found below the transcribed word to verify if it is correct or not.

In the case of wanting replace a complete sentence you press the section you are dissatisfied with, then you press the microphone button and dictate what you want to replace. If desired change language press and hold the microphone button and the available languages ​​will be displayed.

Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri?

The commercialization of voice recognition devices has increased in recent years, 8 out of 10 people interact with a voice recognition device.

Alexa has been on the market for a relatively short time, while the Google Assistant It has a bit more experience, being one of the most used on mobile devices. Although one of the supporters was IOS, through Siri, it is the one that has been on the market the longest.

It is not very difficult to choose between any of these speech recognition systems. If you are a loyal user of ManzanaSurely you will not want any other, but if you want an area full of gadgets you can opt for Google. If instead you want to establish complex conversations, it is probably Alexa whoever wins the game.

Can voice recognition systems invade our privacy?

Surely you have felt or wondered if there is a possibility that they spy on you through these systems, since they could record your voice at any time. The great reality is that for each attendee it is mandatory to say a activation command.

If you have any suspicions that your privacy is being invaded, what you can do is disable or turn off the microphone Of the device. This way the assistant won’t be able to hear you, unless you turn it on again.

command voice dictation sound waves iphone

However, Apple is different, and that is that Homepod does not have any button that allows you to deactivate the microphone to prevent Siri from spying on you. However, through a voice command if you can order it to stop listening to you.

Are we really ready for this environment full of voices?

We can say that we have lived long enough with technological devices to be more than familiar with them. However there are some who think that voice dictation systems they are being used exaggeratedly, so much as to affirm that we are being manipulated by them, to the point of rendering us useless.

The reality is that they have been of great help to facilitate work and provide a more comfortable and interactive experience for the user, regardless of the negative aspects they may have, they will continue to be useful for Improve Life Quality of millions of people.