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How to dial phone numbers in GTA 5? – List of interesting numbers Grand theft auto 5

29 de April de 2021

An important element in the saga Grand Theft Auto, is the cell phone that varies or evolves according to the edition. In version “5”, as expected, it represents the most outstanding means of telecommunication among the characters that are part of the game history. So it is elusive to learn how to dial phone numbers in GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto 5 brings a radical and visionary change to phones, inserting the Smartphones to modernize its appearance. Each character has his own character and it is through him that practically a large part of the decisions or actions of the game is handled. As well as maintaining a constant real and authentic connection with the world of GTA V.

Why should I know if I want to dial numbers?

Rockstar games spared no expense to make GTA V practically the best version of the saga created, without the slightest doubt. Another of the innovative aspects implemented was to give away a new approach to phones and not simply keep them as mere communication devices.

Among the new features it describes are being able to communicate with previously scheduled contacts, since you can dial phone numbers in GTA 5 whenever you want. And not only that, but remote access to the internet, review and manage text messaging with authority, take pictures without problems, send and receive emails.

Even power detonate explosive devices from afar. In turn, it has the option of quick save plus a quick and detailed list of progress to determine which ones are 100% missing.

mobile with desert background from gta 5

The list may or may not be replaced if the user is using the online version of the game. So instead of indicating progress during the game, displays a list of invitations to perform certain types of activities in GTA Online.

For online mode, know how to dial phone numbers in GTA 5 it is of vital importance because in the open world, the businesses or missions that you execute have to do with previously acquired and saved telephone contacts. For example, locating your personal assistant to find out the status of your office and import warehouse.

In the same way, knowing how to dial the numbers on the phone will allow you to keep in touch with great tycoons or important personalities. They may at any time require professional help to carry out an assignment that is related to the movement of merchandise. Anyway, as mentioned above, the phone is related to everything.

How to use the phone correctly in GTA 5?

In summary, through the telephone the main character remains interconnected with other entities of the game in general and be attentive to their missions (it does not matter if you get to change characters in Gta 5 it works the same with all). It allows stay on top of business that you can have and schedule numbers corresponding to other companies or organizations, also relevant locations in the game.

The phone is so realistic that even, if there is the case of dialing phone numbers in GTA 5 that are not previously added to the list, the calls will be totally ignored with subsequent referral to the voicemail.

gta five and mobile icon

The telephone numbers are obtained by reading them from a sign or an advertisement that catches the interest of the protagonist and that is useful later. In turn, there are several interesting phone lists that can be found on the internet and the game applied.

In the case of consoles, to remove the phone you just have to press “Up arrow” for the character to show it from his pocket. What follows is dialing phone numbers in GTA 5.

To do this, keep the cell phone outside, go to “Contacts:“, Press”Picture“If it is Play Station or” X “if it is Xbox. Finally write the number you have in mind or have already written down.

Finally, if the player manages to create or join a crew in GTA 5, then he will be able to communicate with the members easily as with any other, which facilitates communication between gangs.