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How to Delete the Activity Log in the entire Account on Facebook?

6 de November de 2021

In the Facebook application today you have many options that allow you to create creative content, this content when entering the social network, will be saved in an area of ​​the platform. Similarly, there will be a history where all your activities will be recorded, If you want to delete this, in the following article we will tell you how to get it in an easy and safe way.

How do I remove all activity from my Facebook?

Facebook is a social network in which all the information you publish is stored, even if it is no longer displayed on your profile. There is activity log where all This information, here are all the actions that you carry out in the social network. If you want to delete any of the actions, you can proceed as follows:

Filter by categories in ‘Activity log’

To access filtering by categories in the Facebook Activity Log, you just have to follow the following steps, which will take you to this option easily:

  1. Enter your profile on the social network Facebook.
  2. Go to Activity Log found located in your profile settings, is represented by three solid points.
  3. The filters option can be found immediately regardless of the means by which you access Facebook. Enter it and press the Categories option.
  4. Now here, you will have the option to delete all your information, you just have to access one of the categories you require and click on Delete.

Complete cleaning of your profile

  1. Enter the Facebook application.
  2. Now, go to the profile that you created in the social network, you can access it by selecting the profile photo that you have defined for the social network. This will appear at the top of your home page. Another option to access your profile is by going to the three continuous lines that appear in the upper right part of the application window.
  3. In your profile, you will have available access to three points in a row that are located on the main screen of this, you must click on them.
  4. By accessing these points you you will find the option to register activities, enter it.
  5. Now you will enter with the option of Manage your activities, you can do them with your publications, tags, interactions, among others. You must access the one you want to delete or archive.
  6. When you enter this file, you can access the Delete option, it will be completely deleted from your account. If you send it to the trash it will last 30 days before being permanently deleted, if you don’t get it back after this period of time it will disappear.

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What should I do to remove searches for people or videos on Facebook?

In the Facebook social network you have the possibility to delete what you no longer find interesting, such as the history of videos you have accessed or even the complete search history. In order to execute this action and that the search for people is not recorded, pages or any section you have entered, you must follow the following steps:

Search history

  1. Enter your social network Facebook.
  2. Go to the section Activity Register; To enter this section you must go to the Settings of your social network profile.
  3. Now go to the Filters option. You can find it if you enter the Archive section, or in Some type of administration.
  4. Enter Filter by category.
  5. Look for the Search History option, and place delete. Your searches will be permanently deleted here. You can delete a single or multiple boxes, you just have to select said search and click on the delete option.

Another way to delete the search history is by clicking on your ‘search engine’, then in the ‘see all’ section and the searches carried out will appear here, click on ‘Delete all’. You can also do it one by one.

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How to manage Facebook activity so as not to lose important things?

Facebook gives you when you create an account on the platform, a very extensive toolbar. One of these options is the one that helps you manage your activities on the platform so you don’t lose any information if you wish. Objective that is achieved by making use of the backup.

Backup to Facebook

Facebook will give you security to save your records so that you do not lose any file or action, that is, that everything you do on the platform will be registered. This is thanks to the backup; which you can download whenever you want. You can proceed to download the items in the backup as follows:

  1. Enter the Facebook application.
  2. Access your account menu now. It’s in the upper right.
  3. Now go to Account Settings.
  4. Look for the option of Download a Backup of your account information on the social network.
  5. Click on Create File, and voila, it will download.