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How to Delete Spam Marketing Emails? – Avoid spam

21 de January de 2022

Surely it has happened to you that your email inbox is filled with endless advertising and marketing emails; and although you delete them, new ones continue to appear, which is very annoying because you fill the spam box and you don’t see the emails that are really important to you.

This usually happens when you register your email on some web page to register and have access to some free functions, and in other occasions they are large-scale mass broadcasts What does a company do to achieve more sales? These are marketing strategies.

What is the best method to get rid of Marketing emails?

Now, manage the email inbox for get rid of marketing emails it can become a never-ending action, and priority emails can get lost in so many messages, leading to delays in important responses, or perhaps never seeing messages at all.

So, with the help of apps you can efficiently manage your email inbox to get rid of annoying marketing emails, and not have to delete them one by one as usual; This way you will have more organized your emails and you will see the most relevant ones for you.

Using ‘’ or also called, is a completely free application available on the Web or through its mobile app, which is responsible for maintaining organized your email inbox, be it Outlook, Gmail, G-Suite, Yahoo, Aol, among other email addresses.

The application takes care of throwing a list of all the senders that are probably marketing spam, so that the user has the freedom to choose the ones they want to reject so that the application takes care of the rest to unsubscribe with a single click all the spam, as well as being able to cancel all newsletter subscriptions or promotions with which you have associated the e-mail address.

O well, you can control how often to receive this type of newsletter, or from which web page in particular you want to continue receiving promotions sent by email; The application takes care of all this and much more.

Unsubscribe emails using Unlistr

Another application with which you can unsubscribe from spam is Unlistr, which can be used on Android or iOS devices; the application is responsible for automatically removing all those marketing emails that clutter the inbox.

All you have to do is install the application, affiliate the email address and select the email senders you don’t want to receive anymore, and Unlistr rejects all those emails that come from that sender.

What do you need to do to unsubscribe from Marketing emails?

Generally, when you access or register to a page with your email address, it usually sends you marketing newsletters with the subscription you just made. Some websites ask in the registration form if you would like to receive emails with promotions and updates on the website or product they sell.

However, others you just send without your consent, but fortunately you can cancel subscriptions and get rid of the clutter of messages in your inbox. Learn below how to do it.

Using ‘Unsubscriber’

Gmail has transcended user expectations and launched a smart feature to automate the unsubscribe process to the senders that are not wanted in the mailbox, it is usually the marketing newsletters. But what is this feature about?

Although you could manually unsubscribe from newsletters, Gmail will now present you with a window with the active option to unsubscribe from promotional emails, this according to the unopened email statistics from a specific sender.

However, for other platforms such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and Outlook this is not possible, the function is not incorporated, so external applications must be used that act and offer the same service as Gmail. Being, the solution to this problem.

This application installs an extension in each email interface that you want, where you can select the emails that you do not want to receive again and the system will automatically block the entry of any message from that email address in the future; and those already on the tray will be permanently deleted.

It should be noted that the function is free if it is used five times a month, this for small email flows; but, if you have a large audience in your email and need to massively purge the newsletters, you will have to pay an annual premium license.

How to keep your email inbox cleaner?

Canceling subscriptions you no longer want is a good start for keep your email inbox optimized and clean; but sometimes this is not enough, so the more methods you use to keep your mail clean, the better you can manage the visibility of your emails.

continue by star rating emails emails in your inbox, set up labels to identify the actions that the emails require, such as reply, awaiting reply, etc. In addition, every time you receive e-mails, try to answer the e-mails you can immediately so that they are not forgotten, tag, file, delete or save them in folders.

On the other hand, if you don’t have time, you can choose to use automated sequence applications that allow you to optimize the follow-up processes to your email; such as there are apps that send automated responses, issue alerts according to the priority level of the mails and send reminders to save you time and simplify processes.

Lastly, use shortcut key combinations and not having to spend time moving your mouse to different points on the screen to be able to click on the options to reply, file, read and delete; but with the combinations they can perform actions more quickly.