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How to Delete or Delete Unread Messages from my Facebook Page

24 de June de 2021

We have discovered many functions and options, that the different social media they offer us so that we can connect with our contacts and friends in an efficient way.

Among them Facebook, an application that has been concerned with expanding its borders and being more open to changes. We want to share the following article so that you know a great trick that will allow you delete or delete unread messages from my Facebook page.

But it is not about how to delete a message, which surely many of you must know. It’s about erasing it before it’s read by the contact you sent the message to. This trick is very useful, since you mistakenly sent it to another recipient or you simply regretted writing the message and now you don’t want them to read it.

Whatever the reasons, why you do not want your message to be read by your contact or friend. This function will help you a lot so that you can delete it once you have sent it. And in the next tutorial we will explain what you should do to delete or delete unread messages from my Facebook page.

How to delete or delete unread messages from my Facebook page

Believe it or not, this is a very common error that happens, sending the message to another contact by mistake, but in the new update that Facebook has made. Let you can delete or delete unread messages, this to offer its users improvements in their daily communications with contact, family and friends.

First of all and to begin with this very interesting tutorial, you are going to go to your account Facebook and you will start your session the way you normally do. After you are on the platform, you will look for the contact to whom you have sent the message by mistake and you want to delete it before it can read it.

It is important that you make sure that your contact has not read the message yet, because, you can still delete it but your effort will not have been worth anything. Looking for contact Going to the right side of the page or if you prefer you can search for the contact. Through the Chat search engine, you can locate it at the bottom of the page.

Once you have found the person, you must click on their name and this action will open the Chat, and here you must find the message you want to delete. You select it and you are going to press the Delete option that appears at the top. When you do this, several options will appear, where it is located Delete for all and Delete your copy of the message.

In the case at hand, you are going to select the Delete option for everyone and voila, the message will have been removed from the Chat and you will have saved yourself a bad time. And in this way you have used a new function that is available only in the latest Facebook update.

How to delete or delete unread messages from your cell phone

This function to delete or delete unread message You can also do it from your mobile phone and you just have to keep in mind that it is updated to the latest version of Facebook. The first thing you should do is enter the Facebook App. When you are on the page you will go to the top and you will choose or click on the Messenger icon.

This action will open all those Chat that you have in the account, now you are going to choose the Specific chat where the message you want to delete is located. The next step will be to press on the screen for a few seconds until a pop-up window appears. Here you are going to select the Delete option and then you will press the Delete option for all.

delete facebook messages

And in this way you have deleted or deleted unread messages from your Facebook page from your PC or from your cellular mobile device. In a very simple way, remember that it is likely that when you do this operation. An icon of a tombstone where your message was appears indicating that a message has been deleted.