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How to Delete My Facebook Photos From My Cell Phone – Quick and Easy

7 de June de 2021

It is very different, performing some operations on your Facebook profile from your PC than from your cell phone. And some options can be more complicated to perform than others and even more, when you are not familiar with doing them.

Our mission is to give you the tools that allow you to make changes to your profile like a professional. That is why we bring you this article that will teach you how to delete my Facebook photos from my cell phone, fast and easy.

It turns out that many times other users of the social network can use our photos with a not very healthy purpose. And it is for this reason that we want delete our Facebook photos, but we have to remind you of one thing. That this action will apply only to those photos that we have uploaded and not to those where you can appear.

If you wish delete my Facebook photos from my cell phone, fast and easy You must follow the following instructions to the letter. It is not a difficult process but it is sequential, so pay close attention and learn how to use another new Facebook function, so that you can make changes to the account without having to make drastic decisions such as closing your account.

How to delete my Facebook photos from my cell phone

The steps that we are going to do so that you can delete your Facebook photos from your cell phone, is to go without loss of time to your cell phone. And from it, you will access the Facebook application, where you will enter the way you normally do by entering your email and your password, after you are in the App, you will do the following.

You are going to enter your Facebook profile, When you are in it, you will look under your photo for the Photos tab that is normally located next to Information. You press on this tab and this action will take you to another window where you will find all the photos that you have uploaded. As well as those where you appear.

Under your name you will see several tabs such as Photos in which you appear, Uploads, Albums, featured photos, etc. In our case, we are going to click on the Uploads tab. This action will take you to show you all those photos that you have uploaded in Facebook since you opened your account. And here you can find the photo or photos that you want to delete from the account.

You are going to select the photo by pressing on it and this will take you to another window where your photo is displayed on a totally black background. Now you must look for the icon of the three dots or stripes to press on it. When doing this action you will see several options, where you will find Edit caption, Save photo, Delete photo, etc.

In our case we are going to click on the Delete photo option, when you do this, a small box will appear with the Delete photo information. And with the following question, are you sure you want delete this photo? And we are going to select the Delete option. And in this way we have deleted a photo from Facebook.

How to delete Facebook Photo Albums

This same operation must be carried out in each of the photos that we want to delete, if we don’t want to delete them all at once. If what we want is to delete an Album, then we are going to select the album that we want to delete, we press on it to select it. Then we are going to look for the icon three points or scratches.

When locating it, we press it and enter the different options that it shows us, we are going to select Delete Album. This action will cause us to be presented with a box with the name of Delete Album and the following question Are you sure you want to delete the album, will the photos it contains also be deleted? and then we click on the Delete option.

delete facebook photos

And without loss of time we have been able delete my Facebook photos from my cell phone quickly and easily. And if you learned your lesson well, you can do this every time you want to delete a photo that you don’t want to show anymore or you just don’t like.