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How to Delete my Account and Phone Number in iMessage – Efficient Tutorial

23 de January de 2022

iPhone and iPad are known as the best quality devices all over the world, these devices are created and distributed by the famous company Apple inc. One of the various functions that bring these smart devices It is the iMessage option which all iPhone, iPad and MacOS bring.

iMessage is a part of all these devices which is a messaging by phone number, without the need for a direct internet connection sign. There are many people who are curious how to delete their phone number with the included iMessage, here and now we will see how to do it.

What are the steps to delete your iMessage account and phone number?

Deleting your phone number and iMessage account is not such a complicated process to say. Here we will explain how to do it in the easiest way possible. As many of us already know, the iMessage can only be had on an iOS device from Apple Inc.

maybe you want change platform and you will not continue to use the platform of Apple Inc. This is not that complicated but the problem is when you maybe stop using an iPhone device, the iMessage will still be active. If another iPhone user sees the active account, they will easily think that we are still using this platform. The steps to be able to delete the number and iMessage from our iPhone phone correctly are:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Press the option that is visible ‘Messages’.
  3. The next thing would be to disable iMessage.

So I let you see how easy it is to disable iMessage from our iPhone phone, so neither you nor the iMessage device. It should be noted that, within iMessage, there is a way to disable the appearance of the app from MacOS and iOS.

Using iMessage on your iPhone

you might want opt out of iMessage option of iPhone, iPad and Mac devices created by Apple Inc. For some obvious reasons, you may want to change your smart device outside of the Apple Inc line. The steps to remove iMessage number from our device are unique and very simple. iPhone correctly, you have to:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. We opted for the ‘Messages’ option.
  3. Next, proceed to disable iMessage

You can see that it is super easy disable iMessage from a device smart iPhone. This way it will no longer have anything to do with iMessage because it is already deleted. By the way, within iMessage you can easily block people.

From your macOS

If you want delete and unlink from iMessage, with the option that brings all the devices created by Apple inc, it will not be a difficult task for you. If you want to switch platforms and start using another one and you don’t delete iMessage correctly, users will still see your active account. Today we will see how to remove number and iMessage from MacOS device easily:

  1. To start, we have to go to settings.
  2. We go to the option that is visible ‘Messages’.
  3. The next thing would be to disable iMessage.

macOS logo

In this way I let you see how easy it is to deactivate iMessage from our iPhone phone, so neither you nor the iMessage device. In case you didn’t know, in iMessage you can send animated messages and put funny wallpapers.

with your iPad

If you want to delete your number and iMessage from your iPad and you don’t know how, it’s not difficult. The problem is when stop using an iPhone device. The iMessage will still be active, and the other person may use our account. The steps to follow to delete the number and iMessage from our iPad device correctly are:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Touch the option that is called ‘Messages’.
  3. Lastly, you just have to disable iMessage.

This is how the process of deactivating iMessage on our iPad device is carried out. So it’s not going to be associated with your iMessage account to this device.

ipad device on fruits

Why can’t you delete your iMessage account successfully and what to do?

In general, to do this type of operation on an iPhone, iPad or MacOS smart device there is no impediment. If you have already tried many ways to delete your iMessage number and you can’t find the way, don’t worry because this is something very simple to do. |It should be noted that this process is very fast, follow these steps to eliminate your complications on this issue:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Check that iMessage is deactivated, obviously if it is deactivated it is not active or in use, so far so good, but if it is active just deactivate iMessage and it will probably take a moment for it to be deactivated, just wait for it to be deactivated and your number and iMessage.

If you ever have trouble deleting your iMessage account and phone number, you can visit Apple’s support page. There you will find information about any problem you have the iMessage app.