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How to Delete Data, Cache and Travel History from Cabify App – Complete Tutorial

13 de July de 2021

Today many companies offer a transportation service through applications that you can download to your device. But many of these online companies claim to have low prices on their trips when it really is not at all. These companies they charge by kilometers and minutes, contrary to Cabify which is based on two lines, time and distance.

This App Cabify for online mobilization, was created in 2011 by the Spanish Juan de Antonio. Later they joined as partners, Samuel Lown, Michael Koper and Adrián Merino, they helped extend this service in other countries.

Today, Cabify can be found at: Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Panama and the Dominican Republic. It should be noted that in the American continent. In addition, as in its Didi opponent that you can also delete the cache, data and travel history of the App, in Cabify it is done and here we tell you how.

What are the services that Cabify offers?

  • Executive Category: This category is only for expensive cars like Mercedes, Audi, Lite or Group that is 6 people.
  • Cabify Lite Category: This category, which was incorporated in 2013, is only for middle-class cars.
  • Eco Taxi Category: This category is for private taxis that up to now are available in Spain and Portugal.
  • Cabify Access Category: This Cabify category was the first to offer it, it is designed for those people who have a disability.
  • Corporate Users Category: This Category carries employees of well-known companies, one of them is Google employees.
  • Private Users Category: This category indicates the type of users who provide the service, are personal or exclusive trips.
  • Cabify Air Category: In this Category Cabify did a partnership with the Voom company and now offers helicopter transportation.
  • Category Electric Vehicles: In this Category Cabify made a partnership with Movo and offers transportation with scooters and electric scooters.

The more you travel with Cabify, the more travel records you have saved in this App. Perhaps for security reasons, you do not want someone to find out about a trip you made and you want to delete the history. Uber a service provider provides this option in a simple way to eliminate it completely.

screenshot of a mobile with the cabify application

How can you delete data, cache and travel history from the Cabify App?

To delete the data, cache and travel history from the Cabify App, you can perform the following steps to do it in an easy way.

Step 1

Create a new Cabify App, and so you will have two where in one you can hide the trips of the other. To open another Cabify App you must have a different phone number the one you put in the first app.

Step 2

Maybe you need to open a new account on Facebook, this will help you use the Cabify App faster. Also opening a new account on Facebook It will allow you to recover your password in case you forget it.

Step 3

In case you do not want to open two accounts in the Cabify App, exclude Data and remove Cache. When performing the previous step, the Cabify App will be as if it were installed for the first time.

Step 4

To do this you must enter the Cabify App again with the same data of your account. By performing all these steps above, your travel history will likely be deleted from the Cabify App. Another option to delete the data, cache and travel history of the Cabify App is the following.

Step 1

Entering configuration. After entering configuration, you will get the option “Settings”, you must press it, doing so will bring up the applications field.

Step 2

Already being in the field of applications, you will exit Cabify option, you must proceed to press it. When you press the Cabify option, you will get another field called “Delete the cache data”, proceed to press it.

Step 3

Pressing the field “Clear the cache data”, you will see how the data, cache and travel history are cleared. The Internet does not completely erase records, do not expect travel history to be permanently deleted. Deleting history is common from browsers like chrome to applications like these, so you can do it safely.