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How to Delete and Clean Duplicate Emails in Outlook step by step (Example)

28 de June de 2021

Outlook is known to be the most popular and used email platform, so the use of its users is absolute. There is the possibility that they have the presence of repeated emails, which are usually very annoying most of the time. Therefore you will learn how to delete and clean your duplicate emails in Outlook.

The problem of duplication is that it can manifest itself beyond emails, including other informational entities such as contacts, tasks, among others.

But the reason for its cause is quite simple, since its appearance is due to the constant importation of information, which is very common when they are carried out Backups and you want to transmit said data to the email that is being used.

In case this has happened to you and makes it difficult for you to navigate comfortably through Outlook, today you can learn a couple of techniques to get rid of them.

Delete duplicate emails through Outlook settings

Although this email service designed by Microsoft does not have a specific function that deals directly with duplications, the community that grants it use has discovered the way in which it can get rid of them through a few short steps.

One of the greatest benefits of using these methods is the absence of third-party programs, which tend to have a high cost and whose free service does not perform as we want.

Use the “View” settings to clean your tray

From the inbox, you must enter the tab of “Sight” which is at the top, in order to eliminate duplicate emails.

Once inside, you must press two options displayed on its toolbar to start freeing up the space. The first modification you have to make is within “Change view”, which you will place as unique. The second is within “View Settings”, which will display a window with various buttons.

Inside the “Filter” button there is a “Messages” tab that at the end shows some menus next to the word “When”. By selecting on “Modified” you can select the date where the duplication was made.

When accepting, go to the “Group by” button to deactivate the “Group automatically according to your disposition” box, and at the end click on “Accept”.

In this way, your inbox will show those duplicate emails that you want to disappear, so you only need to mark them to proceed to delete them in the same way as you usually do.

To disappear this configuration, you will have to re-enter the “View” tab and click on the “Reset view” option, so that your tray will be shown again the way it usually did.

Clean your tray of duplicate emails with this program

We had previously mentioned that the use of third parties was quite complicated, since they generally require paying high costs for their use.

However, there is a tool called Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover. This is located enabled for the latest versions of Windows for free.

Clean your mailbox

This software is intended to perform an analysis of the Outlook email in question, in order to find any content that is repeating within the site’s database.

Through its simple interface, the duplicate emails that it detects are displayed. Registered in a more organized way.

Likewise, the result is accompanied by a series of details that correspond to each of the emails. Such as the size, the direction of its location, among others.

In this way it will only be necessary to select those that are duplicated and press on the option of “Erase” that the tool has. In order to get rid of this slight problem and navigate comfortably through the inbox the next time you open Outlook.

Thanks to this, the next time you import information to your email, you will already know how to delete and clean duplicate emails in future Outlook. You can also tidy up and clear your inbox even more, blocking all spam mail.