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How to Delete All My Messages from WeChat? – Fast and easy

28 de December de 2021

Instant messaging applications nowadays are very useful and efficient, we could say that the vast majority of people around the world use them to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones. In that sense, WeChat is an app designed in China that fulfill the same messaging function, it has become very popular thanks to more than a billion people who have installed it on their devices and created an account on it.

Like any social network, it has basic and essential functions and characteristics that allow it to fulfill its purpose. In fact, it has a certain resemblance to WhatsApp in the style of its interface and in the function of publishing ‘WeChat Moments’, as we would say, ‘States’. So if you use this application you should know how it works, for that reason, in this article it is explained simply and clearly how to delete all your messages on WeChat.

How can you delete a message from your WeChat conversations?

We know that the most used applications are Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, among others, but that is not why WeChat is not a good application, especially because of the prejudices that some governments have against this app for being Chinese. The truth is that, although it is not among the most popular social networks in the world, it has a data and information protection and privacy system quite safe user.

Therefore, it is a reliable social network, it even has a very great tool that has a payment system to use from a mobile device, by which we mean WeChat Pay. As you can see, there are several positive aspects of using this application. Now that you know a little more about her, it’s time for us to talk about how you can delete a specific message of your conversations on WeChat.

Whatever the reasons you want to delete a message, it is actually very easy to do so. Before, we want to highlight that both on iPhone and Android phones the process is slightly different, so in this tutorial we will talk about these steps in both versions. With that said, enter the application and go to the Chats section.

wechat application on mobile device

Then, open the chat of the contact with whom you have chatted and select the message or the messages you want to deleteIf there are several, then keep your finger pressed on the message until the Delete option appears, finally, select this option and you’re done.

How can you delete a conversation from WeChat?

On the other hand, if what you want is to delete a complete conversation, the steps are similar, but this time you should not open the chat, but select the contact and leave it pressed until some options appear, one of them is the trash can iconNow just click there and the conversation you have selected will be automatically deleted from your chat history.

WeChat is a very complete application within the field of social networks, its functions help all its users to be able to handle it in the best way and develop socially with other people. Speaking of its functions, data privacy is a very important aspect for all users and it is something that the developers themselves consider essential. Therefore, something that many of the people who use this app are interested in is configuring their WeChat, so that they can hide their phone number.

What should you do to delete all your WeChat chats permanently?

You must be clear about which message to delete, since without are important conversations you probably don’t want to delete all of them, or only individual messages from a contact, since deleting one will leave no record of it. So before you regret something, you better think it over because you won’t be able to get it back. Follow the steps mentioned below so that you can delete all your chat history from your iPhone or Android device.

wechat and cell phone application

From an iPhone mobile

Delete all messages from your history can help free up storage space on your device, in case you have accumulated a lot of them. So, to get rid of all your history, you have to open the application and select on the Yo (Me) icon, then, go to Settings and General.

Later, you must select Storage, it is in that section where you can delete all WeChat cache Why should you clear the cache? Simply because WeChat stores all the data in the memory of your cell phone when you use the applications. For that reason, clearing all cache is a necessary action if you want to clean your phone and free up storage space.

If you have an Android device

On the other hand, if you have an Android phone, the procedure to delete all your messages from the chat history in WeChat is similar to that of the iPhone. Therefore, the first thing to do is open the app and select the Yo (Me) button, then go to the Settings and General section, after that, go to Clear chat history and tap on it to delete all messages.

In the same way as in an iPhone device it is possible to delete the cache, on your Android cell phone you can also do it, but in this operating system you must go to Applications and search for WeChat, then, enter the app and click on the option ‘Clear cache’. On the other hand, if you have any doubts about the operation and options of this application, we recommend that you visit WeChat technical support to learn more about them and solve all possible problems that may arise.