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How to Delete All Cookies and Cache Data from my Cell Phone? -Android and iPhone

27 de January de 2022

Something that happens when we browse the different pages through our phone is that it is most likely that when you enter a page it asks you to accept the cookies of the page to be able to access the information you are looking for. That is why many times our phone is placed much slower by cookies and also by the data that is stored in the phone’s cache.

In addition, as we use our phone with the different applications and browsing pages, it stores cookies and data in the cache. that can be somewhat detrimental both for the privacy of our data as for phone performance. This is why it is necessary that we can periodically delete the history of cookies and the cache of our phone and here we will teach you how to do it.

Is it really necessary to delete cookies and cache on your mobile?

It is a very interesting question and the truth is that if it is necessary we can eliminate both the cookies and the cache memory of the applications that we have on our phone. Mainly, because what cookies do is store personal information about what we like and even passwords that can be exposed.

Now as for the cache of the applications of our phone, what this does is that it temporarily accumulate data and which are occupying a space that you will surely need later.

What effects will your cell phone have?

On the one hand, when we eliminate the cookies from our navigation applications, it is most likely that information that was already saved or pre-established to enter the pages will be lost. That is, you could lose passwords or usernames of the pages where you entered. But on the other hand, you would be keeping the personal information on your phone better private.

Now when it comes to deleting cached data from your phone, you will be able to get much more storage space on your phone and that this have better performance when used. In addition, we must remember that this data stored in the cache is temporary and is later deleted little by little, however, it is important that we can empty the cache of many applications manually and safely.

What are the steps to delete all cookies from your cell phone?

As mentioned above that cookies can affect your privacy regarding the personal data on your phone, then it will be necessary to delete them. That is why here we will teach you how to delete cookies from your Android phone or iPhone with a few simple steps.

From an iPhone device

  1. The first thing will be to enter in adjustment.
  2. Then on safari.
  3. Now click on “Clear history and website data” and that’s it.
  4. Another option is to enter scroll.
  5. Click on “Advanced”.
  6. Then in “Site data”.
  7. Finally, in “Delete all data”.

learn how to remove cookies from your iphone phone

With an Android mobile

  1. Open the browser that your phone has and enter its options menu.
  2. Then enter the “Settings” option.
  3. Then, go to “Privacy and security”.
  4. Now enter the “Clear browsing data” option.
  5. Then select only the “Site and cookie data” option and uncheck the other options.
  6. Lastly, select on “Clear data”.

How can you clear the cache of all your installed apps?

We must understand that when we download an application, this it won’t have the same space it says it takes on a phone, that is, as the application is used, it stores data in the phone’s cache memory.

Therefore, the storage of our phone will be greatly affected, even though this data in the cache is temporary, but it still takes time to be deleted and that is where we must act first and delete the data manually.

In Android management

To perform the deletion of the cache of the applications that you have on your phone, you will have to do some very simple steps and you will have to individually delete the cache of each application to make it much safer. Now the data you must do is the following:

  1. Go into your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Then go into “Applications” and find all the applications you have on your phone.
  3. Now to delete the cache memory of the applications, you must enter each one of them and select in memory (internal memory) where the total use of the data is reflected.
  4. Next, select “Cache memory or cache” and delete the data from the cache memory.

learn how to clear the cache of apps on your android phone

From your iOS administrator

There are different forms of power. clear the cache of the apps you have on your iOS device and in this way you will be able to recover much more space for future downloads.

In addition, in this way you will achieve that your iOS device can have much more speed when handling. Besides, cleaning the cache of the applications will allow them to work better and if an error occurs, this will fix it.

Also, you should take into account two options that will allow you to delete the cache memory of the applications and one of them is completely deleting the application and later it will be downloaded again. To perform this option, you must follow the steps:

  1. Go to General Settings.
  2. Then in “Storage of…”.
  3. Now look for the applications that you have downloaded and enter each one of them or for less in which you want to free cache memory.
  4. Then select on “Delete app”.

The other option we have to eliminate the cache memory of the applications is by entering settings and looking for the “Slack” app and entering it. After this we must select “Reset cache on next startup” and in this way when we enter the applications, the cache is deleted.