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How to Delete a Friend from my PlayStation 5? – Managing my Agenda

23 de March de 2022

For facilitate user interactions, PlayStation consoles offer the option to add friends. This is quite useful, however there may be a time when you want to delete a user. Luckily, PlayStation allows you to edit your friends list.

What happens if I delete a friend on my PS5?

Removing a friend from the console has the main advantage that they will no longer be able to see your profile information. But it also has the inconvenience that it will be very difficult to communicate or play team games. Sometimes it is normal to want to delete a user that has been added on a specific occasion. For example, the PS4 offers the option to delete your entire friends list if you wish to do so.

Removing a friend from your contact list simply sets a limit between how much or How easy can it be to communicate? But it does not completely limit the interaction between users.

Can you keep messaging me?

Messages between users can continue to be sent without any problem, depending on the account settings. It is possible that a user has configured her profile to only receive messages from friends, or the account can have a parental control prevent you from receiving messages.

Can I invite him to a game?

The answer remains the same, as long as the user has not been blocked, the interactions can continue. Of course, having the user added to the friends list makes it much easier to find and do the pairing together.

How to delete friends from a PlayStation 5?

Knowing the consequences, the decision can be made whether or not to remove a user from the friends list. To do this, you need to be signed in on a PlayStation console or the app. Changes made to the PlayStation Network profile will be reflected on all devices.

from the console

From a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you have to log in to PSN and enter the user profile where the friend you want to delete is located. After accessing More > Remove from friendsyou can remove all the users you want from the list.

In the PlayStation app

From the PlayStation Network application, the process is extremely similar: you also have to log in and enter the account profile, to later go to Friends > Remove from friends. These changes will be reflected in the user profile on all devices as soon as they connect to the internet.

What to do to re-add a friend that I remove from my PlayStation 5?

In the case of removing a user profile from the friends list by mistake. Just as in the case of having repented: this process is not irreversible. For re-add a user you just have to send a request or accept the one that the user sends.

Send a friend request on PlayStation

From the PS5, the PS button is pressed and the Game Base is accessed from the control center. go to tab Friends > Find Players and enter the real name or ID of the player you want to add. Then select ‘Add friend’ and wait for the user to accept the request.

To send the request from the application, you have to go to Friends > Add friend from the main menu. After searching for the player by name or ID, select ‘Add friend’ and wait for the user to accept the request.

Accept a friend request on PlayStation

To accept a request from the PS5, you have to go back to the Game Base and go to the Friends tab > See all friends > Friend requests. From there it they can accept or reject the requests received, and cancel friend requests sent.

To accept it from the application, you have to go to Friends > Requests and from there accept or reject friend requests. You can also cancel requests sent in Sent > Cancel friend request.

ps5 table controller account friend

As it is easy to see, the requests in the PlayStation system they work like any other social networkl, in fact it is also possible to delete accounts if desired. You just have to evaluate the pros and cons of blocking and removing to decide what is best in each situation.