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How to Delete a Facebook FanPage – From the App or Website

23 de December de 2021

In social networks today you can do many things such as add photos and videos, make posts and many other things that can entertain us and friends who see our posts.

But there is one more function that you can use to reach many more people and that is to create groups. With these you can make posts In the same way that you do in your normal profile, only that as more people are added, you have to manage the publications that these users ask to add to your group.

What do you need to be able to delete a Facebook account?

There are several things that you have to take into account when you are determined to delete a Facebook account and they are things that are very important that you have to comply with, so it is worth making sure that you comply with them so that you delete it permanently . So pay attention so you know how to delete an account.

Have an administrator profile

Maybe you don’t know what an Administrator profile is about. This is how a more private and direct account from which you can perform other actions that are allowed from a personal account. When you decide to add a business manager, your profile becomes private.

None of your friends will be able to know about this profile until you send them a friend request and it is answered. These accounts serve more than anything to create groups and manage them in the easiest way possible, but at the same time keeping your privacy intact.

Owning the business manager

One of the best ways to run a group is for you to own the business manager. That is why it is recommended that you try to make this request. Thus you will be able to do the actions you want in this group that you will create. You can also grant and remove administrator roles in your group to trusted friends.

Stable internet connection

Now we will talk about one of the most important but simple things to do and that is to have an internet that is stable and that keeps the speed stable; since this will depend a lot on when you want upload and add content or do polls on your FanPage.

What is the procedure to permanently delete your Facebook page?

After knowing what you must comply with to have a Facebook page and also to delete it, we are going to show you the steps that you are going to carry out to erase all traces of your page and so on eliminate it permanently.

With the mobile app

facebook app

First of all, we will show you how you can do it from your mobile phone regardless of whether it has an iOS or Android system. As a process for the two systems it is almost identical and it will serve you in the same way:

  1. You have to open the Facebook application on your phone. On the home screen of the application, you will touch the three lines in the upper right corner (on iOS it is at the bottom of the screen)
  2. Now in this list you will enter ‘Pages’, then you will have to enter your page
  3. When you are on your page you will touch the gear icon in the upper right side of your screen and you will give a touch to ‘General’
  4. Here you will see the section called ‘Delete page’, and you will touch on ‘Delete (Will you see the name of your page)?’
  5. Then, you just have to confirm that you want to delete your page by clicking on ‘Delete page’

From the official Facebook website

If you are doing this process from your computer, you have the possibility to delete a group that you own definitively just by following these simple steps:

  1. You have to go to your Facebook account from the web on your computer
  2. At the top you are going to press the groups icon which is the silhouette of three little people, here you will enter your page
  3. Here you are going to touch the settings icon which is a nut and is in the lower part of the screen on the left side

girl using facebook from pc

  1. Now you are going to click on ‘General’, you will see the option to ‘Delete group’ and you will also click
  2. Here you are going to select the page of your property that you want to delete. When you select it, you will have to confirm your action by clicking on ‘Delete page’

In case after you have eliminated your group you want to cancel the definitive elimination, you will have to do so before the 14 days have elapsed that Facebook gives you to undo this request.