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How to Debug Samsung Galaxy Device USB Quickly and Easily?

1 de February de 2022

Cell phones are one of the most important tools of these times. With them we do almost everything in the day, we make calls, send messages and do many other things. But these phones have applications like Facebook that we can use at all times.

Many people take care of create the applications we use and they always have to test them on a cell phone to make sure that the functions of this app have no errors. Therefore, if you are starting to create applications, you will be able to use a mode to correct the errors that the application has.

What is the best method for USB debugging on a Samsung Galaxy?

This is probably the first time you have heard of this feature on Android phones. This tool is used more than anything by people who are dedicated to developing applications for phones with this developer mode.

By activating this function, the person who is creating an application can test it on the phone and in this way make sure what errors the application is presenting. Then you can go back and edit these bugs and improve your app so that you have no complaints due to those faults.

There are several ways in which you will be able to activate this function of the Android phone so you can improve your creations and make them great for the public.

Enabling developer options

One of the ways you will be able to turn on debug mode USB It’s through the developer options. This is one of the many options that the cell phone has in the settings.

Now that you are in the settings of your phone you have to activate the mobile developer mode. For this you will enter the information of your phone that is at the end of the options. Then, on the collection number you are going to press it several times until you see the banner that says that the developer mode is active.

Method to ‘Turn on USB debugging’

Now that it is active, you are going to return to the main part of the settings. At the end you will find the ‘System’ option and when you enter here you will open the ‘Advanced’ option. Then, you just have to enter the part with the name of ‘Developer options’. In this section, you will notice the option that says ‘USB Debugging’ and will you flip the switch next to the name of this option, so it will already be activated.

In this way, you will be able activate this functionality system on your phone, so you will be able to do what you need with the mobile’s USB debugger.

How to establish a connection between mobile and PC to make debugging effective?

boy using pc and phone

One of the things to keep in mind when using the USB debugging tool is that you will have to connect your phone to the computer in which you are creating this app.

You may think that you will be able to connect phone wirelessly to your computer, but this is not going to help you, since USB debugging, as it is called, only works when you connect the phone using the USB cable with which you recharge the mobile.

For this reason, you are going to have to make sure that the USB cable is in good condition, that it is not broken or anything like that, since errors could occur in the process you are carrying out.

How many times can a Samsung Galaxy USB be debugged?

Now that you know everything about USB debugging mode, you probably want to know how many times you will be able to use this function. You can debug a USB as many times as you want to do it. This function has no usage limitssince you can require this tool as many times as necessary.

The only limit you are going to have is that it may result in developer mode being disabled, so you won’t be able to use the debugger. So you will have to activate this function so you can go to enable USB debugger.