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How to Deactivate my Google Chrome AdBlock – Tutorial on PC and Mobile

3 de February de 2022

Advertising is a well established topic on the internet, this is where the profits come from, the systems within the web pages on the internet allow us to advertise with a reach capacitythat no other medium can encompass. This topic is of great relevance and great impact for the user, since if you enter a website you will get an exuberant amount of all kinds of advertisements that sometimes border on the absurd.

For this reason, methods are created to avoid it, this is done because, for users, this has very varied consequences that range from a slow browser, large lots of unnecessary cookies, large cache influx, can’t see content properly, among other reasons. That’s why we install extensions like AdBlock, which we can easily install, activate and configure, this can also be disabled momentarily, let’s see what it is, how we can use it.

How can you allow ads from a specific website?

As we mentioned before, this is a great help to avoid annoying and poorly focused ads, which appear when we enter a web page. In the case of the Google Chrome browser it works perfectly, so it is rare that after having it they want to uninstall itbut there are pages that detect it and in order to access them, they require us to deactivate it in order to enter.

It is so much so that it does not show any image or word, when we are about to enter these, and it is that just as we make use of our methods, to avoid advertisementsthese also use their resources so that the advertising is seen yes or yesfor this they resort to a tool called Anti-AdBlock, unleashing a kind of war between the websites and their consumers.


This is a very useful tool, if what happens is that you live from the traffic of the site you manage, and it is something that we can understand. Everything should have its payoff in the end the pages do not assemble themselves and take a lot of work, this mechanism is very accurate and has several ways of being used. Let’s see what Anti-AdBlock is all about for websites and bloggers.

disable adblock in google chrome

Do not be so invasive, you have to know that people also get tired of so much advertising, on the other hand, they can migrate to another site that has the same information as your page or blog. So we talk about a question of balanceby using these anti-ad blockers, we can put a code in the HTML, so when they come in with an ad blocker the warning is triggered.

What is the procedure to disable the ad blocker in Chrome?

When we come across a page of this style, we can also adapt, making an adjustment to it in order to access the content. Even if browsers have tools to perform this task of blocking ads and to configure how we want it to be on certain websites, in any case we also have tools that allow us to avoid those false ads, these are what have automatic reproduction, they are flashing ads, pop-up windows that do not show anything and open in a way that does not we perceive it.

To disable AdBlock, this very helpful add-on, when we obtain it, it acts automatically without the need to configure it, that’s why we must deactivate it for this we are going to Tools> Extensions> AdBlock, and we locate the switch at the bottom and we pass it has deactivated. This way we can deactivate the blocker of pop-up windows and other advertisements, when entering a specific page.

How to disable Google Chrome AdBlock on its mobile version?

We can also find this extension or complement to add it to the Chrome browser, on our mobile device. And it is that for these applications there are also overwhelming numbers of advertisements that must be controlled, and in this case with more reason, because the operation of mobile phones is more affected by this pop-up advertising.

adblock for mobile can also be configured

For this we must enter added extension settings and Lego we go to the bottom of the options that appear, then we are not going to place the activation switch and we are going to place it in deactivated, in this simple way it will be possible to disable the complement so we can access the page, in if there is any restriction