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How to Customize the YouTube Website From Google Chrome? – Setting

18 de December de 2021

Most web pages do not allow customization of their visual interface by users and YouTube is no exception to this scenario. Since you can only customize the channel sections, but not the user interface. But nevertheless, you can customize this website if you use it from the Chrome browser, adding extensions to this web browser. In any case, you must add the necessary extension according to the customization tool you want to enjoy.

How can you add magic actions on YouTube?

You can customize the way YouTube is viewed in your browser by making one of an extension that will allow you to perform magical actions on this video platform. This extension called ‘Magic Actions for YouTube’ It is exclusively compatible with the Chrome browser, and you can access the catalog of extensions of said browser so that you can add the magical actions of YouTube to your browsing window.

After you have added the extension to the Chrome browser, when you enter the YouTube interface through this program, you will be able to evaluate that there is a toolbar containing magic actions that you can use to view your favorite YouTube content. Each of these functions are identified with buttons that include their name and you can adjust them as you prefer. However, there are a couple of magical actions that you must modify first.

Add the ‘Cinema mode’

This is a function that will allow you to adjust the color of the background in which the content you have selected on YouTube is played. You can select the ‘Cinema Mode’ option in the YouTube magic actions toolbar, which is at the top of the YouTube window after you’ve added the extension.

After you activate it, you can edit background color which was assigned by default by clicking on the circle containing that color in the upper corner of the playback window. In this way you will access a list of available colors and you will only have to select the one you prefer to assign to the reproduction background.

Color filters in videos

This is another function that you can customize to apply a color filter to the videos you want to watch on YouTube, to make it more comfortable for your eyes. This button is identified in the magic action bar for YouTube as ‘Apply color filter’.

colors to change in browser background

When you select it, it will show on the screen a series of grayscale, sepia, black and white, or other different filters that you can assign to the playback window. Click on the one you prefer and it will be added to the YouTube interface.

What is the procedure to activate YouTube’s ‘Auto HD’?

Once you have added the ‘Magic Actions for YouTube’ extension to the Chrome browser on your computer or PC, one of the tools you have access to in this section is the one that allows you to adjust the resolution of the videos to automatic HD quality . To activate this feature, you must click on the box ‘Magic options’ after you have entered YouTube, and then select the section corresponding to ‘Activate Auto HD’.

After this, you will have access to a series of settings related to video quality on YouTube, so that the playback quality you choose is the one assigned by default in each video you start watching. You can adjust the resolution according to your preferences or the quality that your internet connection allows.

What steps should you take to add effects or themes to your YouTube website?

Another function that the ‘Magic Actions for YouTube’ extension makes available in Chrome is the one that gives you the ability to add colors and customize the theme of the YouTube interface on the screen. On the other hand, you can also add to your Chrome browser the ‘Easy Theme Maker for YouTube’ extensionAs both extension packs include the option to add effect and themes to YouTube.

Once you have added any of these extensions, you must select the button identified as ‘Color’, which is located at the top of the playback window. When you do, a pop-up window will open comprising the list of colors so you can customize the theme of the YouTube website.

change youtube theme

Before choosing a specific color, you must activate the box for this function by selecting the ‘On’ section. Then, you must click on the color you want from those available to designate one to the application page. What’s more, you can customize the sections for ‘Content’, ‘Header’, ‘Left menu’, ‘Background’ and ‘Background’; with a gradient from the color palette corresponding to the one you have chosen before.

Finally, you will only have to close the editing window for your settings to be added to the YouTube web page.

How to activate the ‘Dropdown’ in YouTube videos?

The ‘Dropdown’ tool includes a function to clone the playback you are watching on the YouTube platform, so that you can enjoy the same content in an exclusive floating window panel for this action. To enjoy this customization tool on YouTube, you must add the extension ‘Popout for YouTube to your Chrome browser’.

Once you have added it to your computer’s browser, every time you play content within YouTube, the video window will contain a ‘Pop out’ icon in the upper corner. If you select it, the drop-down function that will play this YouTube content in a new window exclusively for it. So you will not have any options other than resizing the size of the window.