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How to Crop an Image in LibreOffice Writer Quickly and Easily

15 de April de 2021

Computers today are one of the most useful tools that will facilitate you to perform various actions depending on what you need to do. One of the things that it allows us to do is to write documents in multiple formats, even LibreOffice is one of the best programs for it.

Having this program will help you a lot, since its tools are among the best that currently exist in these types of programs. Free software. And today we have come to show you how to use one of these tools which is the image cropping tool, although it also has attractive functions such as making a transparent image.

Surely you are here because you were writing one of your work in LibreOffice and you needed to crop an image, but you don’t know how. There are many functions that this program has and you may get lost and do not know where this tool to crop images is.

But don’t worry, we are here to guide you in the image cropping process so you can use this tool in all your work. Just follow our simple steps and you will see that in a short time you will be able to cut all the images you want using LibreOffice Writer.

What is LibreOffice Writer?

Libreoffice Writer screen and package program logos

Let’s first talk about this great program or group of programs to write free software office documents. Since having this information will be very useful to understand the steps that we are going to show below.

You will surely know that one of the most common problems with office-style programs is that they are paid, this limits the public to which these programs are available. That is why LibreOffice It exists as it was developed to be a very good free alternative for all those who cannot afford to buy software.

Libreoffice Writer is a powerful word processor for Open Source developed by for the operating system Windows, Linux, Mac, OC X Among others more. Its basic characteristics and its interface are inspired by the Microsoft Word and WordPerfect programs, having very similar functions and even identical in some cases.

One of these functions that it has is the ability to import images and crop them to be able to add them to your written works, including creating and putting a watermark. This function is very useful since a good image will serve to enrich your text documents and we will show you how to use it.

How to crop images in Libre office?

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It should be noted that in this program you will not have a specific button to perform the action of crop images from the initial interface. To access it, you will have to search among its options by following the steps that we are going to show you next in this guide.

If for some reason you do not have the program installed or you need the most recent version, you can download it from the official LibreOffice page. So you will not have any problem following the steps in this article and you can crop all the images you want soon.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is run the program and create a new document or open one that you have previously edited. Then you must import the image you want to crop and go to the advanced properties of said image to be able to crop it.

Step 2

Once you are in this section go to the option called “Trim” he indicates the height and width that you want to have in the image. Although it can be a bit cumbersome to do the cropping in this way, the truth is that this method will allow you to crop the image exactly.

However, if you do not like this way of cropping images, you can choose to apply an extension that allows you to perform this action in a more intuitive way. LibreOffice It has the peculiarities of allowing its users to develop all kinds of extensions that help them to use the program better.

We advise you to use the extension “Cropooo” so that you can cut your images without problem, since it imitates the cut button of other programs. If you have problems using this free software program, you can always choose to get another program by downloading Microsoft Office.

This program is very good and accessible to many people so do more research and you will see that its features are very good.