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How to Create Videos without Watermark with Images and Music? – The Best Editors

13 de January de 2022

Nowadays, what is editing and creating videos is moving a lot, this is because many people are involved in the realization of content for different platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others. As is well known, creating videos is not as simple as it is said, since many aspects have to be taken into account, but above all, there is a lot of creativity for the video to be a success.

On the other hand, if you want to create video, we can find a large number of video editors that will allow us to make a creative video with each of the tools they have available. However, many of these editors have a watermark and this is often inconvenient for some users, so prefer to remove this option and have the video download without this watermark. Likewise, in this article we will show you some editors that allow you to remove the watermark.

What is the best video editor without watermark for a mobile phone?

There are a large number of video editors that can be downloaded on mobile devices that allow you to edit like a professional. Besides, being a content creator and you need to edit video, but you are constantly traveling, the most likely thing is that you cannot take a computer to do the video editing, but it will be easier for you to do it from a phone via a video editor app.

In addition, in the market you will find a large number of applications and some are usually free and others are paid. However, you can download some applications that will allow you to edit videos and that these are saved without the publisher watermark. For this reason, here we will present you some Apps that you can download to edit videos and save them without the watermark.


InShot has been considered one of the best applications for creating and editing videos on a mobile, since this app has a large number of functions that makes it easy to edit and use. On the other hand, it will allow you to download videos in high resolutions making it like a professional video and you can also configure whether you want the watermark or not, this app can be found on Google Play.


This application is another of many applications that allow you to edit and create incredible videos for all the functions that it has, you can create professional videos to upload to different platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and others. Likewise, this application will allow you to save the videos without a watermark.


iMovie is a video editor that was created by Apple to be used on devices with iOS system, which allows videos to be made and edited in high quality. Besides, this is also considered a good option to save videos without a watermark because it allows you to configure it.

know a video editor without watermark to use on a computer

Which non-watermarked video editor should I use to edit from a PC?

For editing videos and creating them on a PC, there are many video editing software that will allow you to save videos without the watermark and for this we will present a specific one that will help you a lot in editing your videos.

VSDC Free video editor

This is a free video editor for PC that will also allow you to save your videos without watermarks. Likewise, this editor has a large number of options that you can use when editing the videos to make them look like a professional video.

How should I start editing my first video from my mobile or PC?

At a certain stage of our lives we dare to create a video and edit it to share it with other people, however, when you are a beginner or a novice, not much is known about the things that must be taken into account to start editing our first video well. be it on a phone or a PC. In addition, to become a professional in video editing, you you will have to keep practicing to improve and that is why here we will present some tips that you must follow when editing.

Download the desired photos and videos

The main thing to start editing our first video will be to have on our phone or PC an organized folder with the photos and videos that we want to be in our video.

remember to create a folder to have in order in the photos to use in the video

Add the photos in the specific order to your chosen editor

When we start creating the video we have to take into account the order of the photos that are going to be added to the video we are making to have a sequence.

Add the songs of your preference

If you want your video to have a great impact, you must add music to the video to make it much more creative and you have the option of adding the song or songs that you like the most.

Apply appropriate transitions

Something very important that all video must have are the transmissions, since these will give much more movement to the photos that are added in the video and that are much more exciting when you go from one photo to another or from one photo to a video.

Add texts or titles to your images

Another thing that you can add to your first video will be the texts or titles to the images that you add. In this function you can place a description of what that photo represents or what is meant in the video being edited. Besides, depending on the application you use, you can change the color, size, font of the letter.

remember to configure the application to save the video without a watermark

Export your video without watermark

To be able to save your video without a watermark, you will have to deactivate this option in the application settings or some have the option when downloading the video.