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How to Create or Make a Video with Photos, Videos and Slides on TikTok? (Example)

15 de June de 2021

Tiktok is the social network that is fashionable in these times of pandemic. So learning how to use it is necessary to be fashionable and also kill the spare time (which is quite a bit lately). This is why today’s quote is for you to learn to create or make a video with photos, videos and slides in TikTok.

And, thanks to this great application, thousands of people have been able to forget how overwhelming this confinement situation has been, being distracted by creating videos or presentations for the enjoyment of other users and themselves. With this APP the world has come together more than ever, so a tutorial of its use is the best to honor it.

Create or make a video with photos, videos and slides on TikTok

The first thing you have to do to start creating or making a video with photos, videos and slides on TikTok is obviously to enter the APP (you can download it from the PlayStore or Appstore).

When you are in the main section of the application then, you must give the option “Create a new Tiktok “ which you can identify as the black icon with a white cross in the middle.

Then give the option “Load”Located in the lower right part of the section where you are, this will open a new window where you must choose the photos and videos that you want to appear in your presentation or Tiktok.

Having already selected all of them, click on the pink button called “Sequence”, This action will immediately combine your files, and it will also take you to a screen where you can add the sound you want to your presentation.

Then you must give “Next”Again (this time it will be located at the top right), and this will take you to the last screen where you can choose the effects and filters you want for your Tiktok.

To finish, give “Next“Again and then to”To post”. It should be noted that you can add a description to your video before doing the last step.

In case you wonder how the slides are made, it is with the same process, since Tiktok has options such as those of Powerpoint that allow you to edit the time and the way in which the images will pass one after the other or appear.

Remember that in addition to this sequence format, you can also make videos in Tik Tok with other voices, or make transitions in different Tik Tok, so it is recommended to seek more information about this App.

Videos or slides of more than 35 photos

With what you learned earlier, you already know what it takes to create or make a video with photos, videos and slides on TikTok.

However, you have to know that Tiktok presentations can contain up to 35 photos maximum, so if you want to make longer photo slides or videos you have to use third-party applications.

mobile with tiktok app icon

The best are Quik and Vivavideo. These are completely legal, since the only thing you are going to use them for is to create long videos or slides and save them on your phone.

In this way, when you enter Tiktok, you just have to follow the previous steps, and when you get to the option to upload photos or videos, choose the one you made with said third-party applications.

The only downside is that you will not be able to use Tiktok transitions, but it will be possible to adjust the speed of the video, apply filters and add sounds normally.

Then you just have to publish it and that’s it. Now you really know how to create or make a video with photos, videos and slides on TikTok. Go and put the knowledge you gained into practice to become a true social media influencer.

And to complement this information and grow on this platform, you should also look for how to get real followers in Tik Tok for free, and when does Tik Tok start paying you money? With nothing more to write, good luck.