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How to create or draw a line perpendicular to another with angle in AutoCAD

15 de April de 2021

AutoCAD, which is Spanish means (Computer-aided design), Released its first version to the market in 1982; It is an assisted design software made mainly for the study of graphic design, architecture and industrial engineering; since it serves to develop complex pieces of technical drawing in 2D and 3D.

This is one tool, very important for all professionals, offering the best technology to make your designs; it has become a very famous program for all the options it provides. Some people tend to have doubts or inconveniences when making lines perpendicular to another with an angle, but don’t worry, here we will teach you the simplest way to do it.

How to download AutoCAD for free?

This program is very useful, since it works through images of vector type and it is capable of importing files from other maps which will provide more variety of work to the designer or student who is using it.

It is important to mention that this it is not an economic program, since it has multiple tools, which make it very useful and complete, but there are different ways to have a free trial of the program.

The first thing you should do, to download it, is enter the page of autodeskOnce there, we will press “Download free trial”, where a new tab will open, where we will press the “Next” button and press that option again, its download is approximately 6Gb.

woman creates line perpendicular to another with angle with autocad

If you need to use the latest version of the AutoCAD program, you can download it for free, you can also use this program in mobile devices, such as Android and IPads, through its web application.

How to create perpendicular lines to another with angle

On AutoCAD, we can do an endless number of things, it is necessary since it offers command and tools to cut and flatten, you must also use commands to make other designs that you want to insert.

The first thing you should do is, Select the location of a perpendicular point and mark the distance; by designating a colon, or a value. Click on the “Home” tab then “Drawing Group”, a drop-down item online and click “Create perpendicular line from point”.

Then select the arc object or the line object, from the line, specify the point of the object from where the line will be extended; then specify the distance you want it to have and that’s it

The second thing you can do to create a perpendicular line To another, it is: Write in the command bar the word “Per” and we will give “intro” (This command allows us to activate momentarily, the reference to perpendicular objects). When we click, a symbol will appear that indicates the intersection point at 90 degrees; and we would already have our perpendicular intersection.

What you should know about AutoCAD to improve your work

This fabulous tool offers many useful options for you, among them we have: The option to insert textures, create drawings and plans, sketches, they also include a symbol bookstore and different figures for the themes, ranging for mechanical, architect or industrial, this library also offers colors, textures, line thicknesses and other basic options.

It has communes and contours, quick retrieval of views by allowing it to be saved by names, transparency of particular objects; possibility of recover projects, View extractions of a fast three-dimensional solid.

woman works with autocad for a perpendicular line

It really has a function similar to Photoshop, allows you to activate automatic saving and infinite options. You must bear in mind that this program is quite heavy and for it to load perfectly on your device it must have certain characteristics.

Among these are: Windows 7, 8 and 10 in 64-bit versions, a 3 Ghz processor or higher, an 8GB RAM memory; but being better a 16Gb with compatibility for DirectX 11, a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, 1 Gb video card, 6 Gb free disk space,

Being a design program, it will use enough memory and it needs good components to function properly; Therefore, before deciding to use it, check that your components are compatible.