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How to Create my Own GIFs to Use in my Instagram Story?

10 de February de 2022

Stories on Instagram have become a very important part for users, becoming more important than publishing a common Post. It is that users prefer to make their publications through a story that will have a lot more range on display than a standard publication that does not usually reach as many people.

Within the options for Instagram stories, there is the add music, stickers, questions and other options. But one of the options in particular that users like to use is that of GIFs and they are very fun, so here we will teach you how to make your own GIFs to use in Instagram stories.

What tools can I use to create GIFs on my mobile?

Currently, GIFs have become an important part of both Instagram stories. What makes these GIFs so popular is because they are a small part of a video that was very popular at one time and impacted people’s lives, making them use it to share it with other users. Also, GIFs can have multiple topics like comics, love and others.

Likewise, GIFs are one of the best tools when it comes to advertising in Instagram stories, since users appreciate stories much more than they do. have audiovisual content than text-only content. It is for them that GIFs have become an important part for Instagram users because they can achieve much more reach by using audiovisual tools and in this way they are more functional.

Now, what you should know is that in order to upload a story on Instagram using GIFs and for it to be seen by many users, the GIFs will have to be very creative and for this you can use the GIFs available on Instagram or create your own GIFs. Now for create your own GIFs from your mobile phone, It will be necessary to use some applications that have been designed to create GIFs and share them on different platforms.

On the other hand, in the app store you will find a large number of apps that are used to create GIFs and among these are the most popular ones that you can download from Google Play or the Apple Store. The GIF applications that you can use are PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video, GIPHY: GIF & Sticker Keyboard & Maker, GIF Creator, GIF Maker and another suitable application to create GIFs is Giphy.


Giphy is one of the best applications to create GIFs and you can also download it on Google Play or the Apple Store. With this application you will be able to create the best GIFs you want and the first thing you will have to do is download it and then register with it, either using your Facebook account or creating an account on this platform.

giphy is one of the best tools to create gif

Once you have logged into the application, you can start creating your own GIFs and the truth is that this application is very simple to use. This application will allow you to trim the video that you are going to use to create the GIF and adjust it to the part you want. In addition, it offers you the option to add text, place effects and moving stickers, and once you have created your GIF you can save it on your phone to later be shared.

What is the process to follow to upload my own GIFs to Instagram?

The process to upload your own GIFs to Instagram, is to fulfill the process that the GIPHY application asks you to carry out and this process is that at the moment of finishing the creation of the GIF you must fill in some data where you will place a label on your GIF with which you can easily search and find. Once you place the label and fill in the other requested information, you will have to wait a period of time for the platform to approve it and upload it to social media platform like Instagram.

How can I include a GIF created by me in my Instagram story?

The main thing will be to create your own GIF using the application that we mentioned before and from there you can use your personalized GIFs in Instagram stories, in this way you will give a more fun and exciting touch to these stories. Now to find your own GIF and include it in your Instagram stories, you will have to enter the GIF option that appears in the tools that Instagram offers to add to stories.

learn how to find the gifs you created to use in your instagram stories

Once you have entered the GIF option you will be able to see the GIFs that are trending on Instagram, but right there Instagram gives you the option to search for more GIFs and that is where you must enter. Then in the search bar write the keyword with which you created your GIF and once Instagram will show you all the results of GIF found on the GIPHY platform. Now find your GIF and press on it to use it in your Instagram story and voila.

Where to find more GIFs to use in my story?

In order to find more GIFs to use in your Instagram stories, you will only have to enter the GIF option that Instagram offers and once you are in this option you will have to enter the search bar. Then write a keyword on the GIF you want to find and automatically Instagram will throw you a wide variety of GIFs of the culés you can use for your Instagram stories.