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How to create labels from a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Writer?

29 de April de 2021

Label creation is not very common these days, people already use other ways to mark products or jobs. But, that does not mean that it is an effective way to identify emails or postcards. That is why today you will learn to create labels from a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Writer as simple as opening a Word document without using Microsoft Office.

Thanks to free software, a marvel of office program that many are unaware of for the simple fact that it is not a Microsoft product, but this close cousin is the same or better, having multiple functionalities among which the ability to create custom labels stands out.

Create labels from a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Writer

Straight to the point and what you came up with as creating labels from a spreadsheet, to start this process you have to run Office Base free, for this you just have to look for the program and open it like any other.

Once this is done a new window will appear called “Database wizard”, an option will appear here called “Connect to an existing database” click on it, this will display a new window where you have to select “Spreadsheet”.

Once you choose it, give “Next“, This will cause another section to appear with the”ExamineClick there, a search box will appear, find your spreadsheet and click on the option “To open“To continue and then the option”Next”Select it.

Here a final section will appear where several options will appear, the most important of which are: “Yes, register the database” which serves the same purpose as its name (the registry in Libre Office), and “Open the database for editing”, which is used precisely for that, edit the sheet.

labels from a spreadsheet

We click the first one and then the button “Finalize”To proceed to save the spreadsheet with the name we want, with this you are closer to creating labels from a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Writer, since you will have successfully registered the sheet.

Creating the mailing label

When you complete this step perfectly, you will be able to compare two lists or columns in Calc Libre Office with the labels and even configure and print two pages per sheet in Calc LibreOffice.

To start creating labels from a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Writer, you must go to the Libre Office program. Just at the top of the toolbar select “File”, It will display several options. Stand on the first call “New“, This will also display several options select the one named”Tags”.

This will take you to a section where you have to select the database that was registered in the previous step, select the drop-down called “Database” and choose the one you created, then just below you will see another dropdown called “Table”Here you will choose the sheet where you have your data and you want to place the label.

Also under that same drop-down there is another call “Database field”, here you will choose the names or fields from the spreadsheet to place on the label, you can choose many, so every time you have one press the black arrow that is facing to the left right there, to add.

Then you have to edit the format of the labels, this is done in this same section, in the option “Brand”, You give it there and then choose your brand. Just below is another dropdown called “Kind” this also edit it to taste.

spreadsheet in LibreOffice Writer

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To continue editing go to the format tab, which is next to the one you are (labels). Here you can edit the width and height of your label, as well as other things. Once this is done, click on “Keep”, The box will appear with the brand and the type that you previously selected, click on“To accept”. And voila, you can create labels from a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Writer, now you just need to place them on the page.


To insert you must click on the tab next to it called “Choices”. Here it gives the option to distribute them in: “The whole page” or “As a single label.” Choose one of these options and hit “New document.” Finally, the first will place the labels on a single page and the second will place one per page.