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How to Create a ‘YOPmail’ Email Account? – Registration Guide

29 de January de 2022

The service offered by email platforms is one of the most necessary in this era of time that we are living. And we know that this is the case, since, when looking for a job, opening a social network or something similar, the first requirement is an email account.

However, many consider that giving their personal email is very tedious, because, in the case of social networks, they would receive many notifications. This is an issue that has a solution, and that is that there is a platform known as YOPmail, and here we are going to explain in detail how you can create and use a YOPmail account.

How do temporary email addresses work?

Email addresses that are created for a temporary purpose, as is the case with YOPmail, work in a very simple and attractive way. These accounts are known to be disposable so to speak, that only work for as long as the user wants.

By that we mean that by creating a temporary email address, the account will work as long as the user has the browser from which they created the account open. The account will be closed automatically once you close the windows or turn off the computer from which you made the operation.

Just as the account will be deleted when you close everything on the computer, the messages that have arrived at that email will also be deleted. So, when talking about temporary email accounts, many prefer them for their security, since the same never back up data and does not save information.

Where can you use this address?

The accounts or email addresses can be used on the platforms you want, of course that is in case you want to remain anonymous. For example, if you are going to access a website that you know very little about, and you prefer not to compromise your personal account, it is better to use a temporary account.

Also, these temporary emails are used when you are going to connect to a public network, where your information may be at risk. Or in cases of wanting to make a purchase through an Internet page, so that it does not send you so many notifications to your email, it generates a temporary email.

To be exact, in the event that you want to use a temporary email when creating an account on a social network, it is unlikely that you will be able to do so. And this is because, as we all know, these social platforms seek to offer security to all users knowing the information of each person.

Sure, there are many buying and selling platforms like Amazon that do allow the use of this type of email account. If you use an account of this type you will be able to browse those pages no need to receive annoying notifications every time, even when you’re not using them.

What data do you need to be able to create your YOPmail email account?

Creating a temporary email account on YOPmail is a very simple and quick process and you don’t need a lot of information to do so. All you have to do is create or enter a username, and in turn create an email address with the domains that are used by YOPmail.

But now we are going to show you in more detail how you can do this registration in YOPmail, either from your mobile or from your computer.

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How can you register for YOPmail?

The registration that must be done in these cases to obtain a temporary email account in YOPmail is very simple and fast from any device.

with your computer

The steps to do this registration from any device are completely the same, and of course, simple. From the computer, enter the browser you always use and access the official YOPmail website and when it appears on the screen, click on the first page that appears.

When the page opens, on the left side of the screen you will see a space where it will say ‘Enter an address here’, where you will put the address you want. When you click to create the email, you will automatically enter an inbox where the messages you expect will arrive.

In this quick and easy way, you have a temporary email that you can now use on any platform where you need it. Of course, you must remember that if you reload the page, close it or turn off the computer, that email will be lost, that is, it will be deleted.

From the phone

From the mobile the steps are completely the same, since you have to enter the browser, since this platform does not have an application. So using your favorite browser go to the official YOPmail website and enter page to place the username you want in the bar.

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Immediately, when you click continue, you will enter the temporary mail inbox where the messages of the accounts where you use the mail will appear.