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How to Create a Teacher or Teacher Account on Edmodo for the First Time – Step by Step

13 de June de 2021

In this very technological era in which we live, many teachers have chosen the modality of using the different alternatives that exist to teach distance classes; A very popular educational platform is Edmodo. If you are a teacher and want to open an account on this platform, but you don’t know how to do it, in this tutorial we will teach you How to Create a Teacher or Teacher Account on Edmodo for the First Time – Step by Step.

Steps to create a teacher account on Edmodo for the first time

  1. The first thing you have to do to create an account is to access the official Edmodo page, for this you must open your favorite browser and write in the address bar edmodo.
  2. When you are inside the official Edmodo page you should go to the upper right corner and click on “Hire”, the button is yellow. You can also click on the option “Sign up for a free account”, this option is highlighted in yellow.
  3. On the new page you will see three options “Teacher account”, “Student account” and “Family account”; in this case you must select the first option “Teacher account”.
  4. In this step you must select your location by clicking on the drop-down arrow and selecting the country where you live. Then click “Next”.
  5. In the new window you must fill out a form in which you must first enter the Email address. If you don’t have email, you can quickly open one in Gmail.
  6. Second, password, it must be made up of numbers, letters and special characters. In the third field you must confirm the password.
  7. Fourth, enter the school code, this field is optional, it applies only to those teachers who are part of an organization. If you are part of an organization, the administrator must provide you with the code.

  8. After entering and confirming the data, click on “Next”.
  9. Enter the email you registered when creating your teacher account; once inside, look for the email sent by Edmodo. Do not close the window where you made the registration.
  10. Open the email sent by Edmodo and click the link, yellow button “Confirm my email” to verify the account. If you did not receive the email from Edmodo, go back to the window where you were registering and click on the “Resend email” option.
  11. The link in the email will take you immediately to a new window where you will see a message indicating that your email has been verified successfully, to continue with the registration click on “Next”.
  12. At this point in the process you should complete your profile Filling out a small form where you must select the title (Srs, Señora, Em, Dr) first and last name. Then click “Done.”
  13. Ready, you have already created your teacher account!

Once the teacher account is created you can create a class to start communicating with parents and students, it is important that when creating a class you copy the code of the class generated by the system, since this code is important so that students can open a student account on Edmodo.

How do I log into a teacher account on Edmodo for the first time?

  1. Enter the official Edmodo website by typing in the address bar of your favorite browser the following URL
  2. Once inside the official page you must go to the top and click on the option “Log in”.

    teachers using edmodo to teach students

  3. In the new window you can choose the method you will use to access your account; you can use the method “Name of users or email”In the first box you must write the email you registered when opening the account and the password (if you forgot the password you can click on “Forgot your password?”). You can also use the option “Phone number” In this option you must enter the phone number and password.
  4. After entering the data in the corresponding boxes, click on “Log in”.
  5. You will immediately access your Edmodo teacher account.

If at the time of creating your account you linked it to Google, Microsoft or Apple, you can quickly access your account by selecting the corresponding option, using this method to enter Edmodo is quick and easy.