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How to Create a Private Story on Snapchat Using Different Methods?

18 de January de 2022

Snapchat stories is one of the most useful tools you have this app to offer. Making a story is a quick and convenient way to communicate a special day or important event to your followers. It’s also a way to catch up on someone’s activities without having to see all of their albums or all of their photos.

snapchat stories only last 24 hours and can be seen by all your friends, unless this is changed. Which brings us to one of the coolest features of Snapchat stories, private stories.

What is the difference between private stories and custom Snapchat stories?

As already mentioned, with the Snapchat app, all users have the ability to create private stories or even customize them. It should be noted that there are a few differences between private and personalized stories, which we are going to mention right now.

Private stories stand out for not being available to all contacts, but private stories can only be seen by the person or people that we as users want to see them. Also noteworthy is the fact that if we just select our name when sharing our story, we can only see it ourselves once shared.

Also, every time the story is shared, we have the option to modify the display of it so that more people can see it apart from those already preselected. This is a very useful tool in the event that we have added many people with whom we are not so close, and we want to share a more intimate moment with only our closest friends and family.

As far as custom stories are concerned, these are the newest plugin added by Snapchat, as it has a much higher level of control over our stories compared to normal stories and private stories.

Personalized stories have a new feature called ‘Our Story’ or ‘Our Story’ which allows a preselected group of friends to add photos and videos to the same story as if it were a group to complement said stories.

In general, these stories can only be seen by the participating members of the group by default. However, you can later alter the display so that these stories can be viewed by other friends.

The personalized stories next to the ‘Our Story’ feature They give the concept of Snapchat stories much more play and make them much more interactive between the users who create them and the users who see them.

What are the steps to create private stories on Snapchat?

Creating a private story on Snapchat is quite a simple procedure as it is very similar to posting a normal Snapchat story. This is so why upload stories about the most important moments of your day or a special event, be very easy, comfortable and efficient.

At the beginning

Generating a private story from the start of Snapchat is really simple, since the steps to follow are very intuitive. The first thing we need to do is open our Snapchat app.

Once there we will press the ‘memories’ option located at the bottom left of the screen. Once there we will give the camera roll icon at the top to access all the photos that we have saved.

Now that we see all the photos that we have saved in our gallery, We will select the photo that we want to sharer in a private story and then we will click on the arrow that will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. After doing that, the option of who we want to share our story with will appear.

There, under the ‘my story’ section We will give you the option of private stories. Later we will press the arrow in the lower right corner to be able to share our private story. And with that, the photo would be published successfully in our private history.

stories section

from profile

Creating a private story from our is really easy as it is almost the same procedure as creating a normal Snapchat story. The first thing we must do is press the icon on the top left of the screen.

This icon is usually represented with a mini story or with the Bitmoji. Once there, in the main menu, we will look in the stories section for the option that it’s called ‘+private history’ and we will press it, the snapchat application will ask us for a second confirmation to make the story private, we just have to press again.

private profile stories

Once confirmed that we want to create a private story, our list of friends will appear. Now we must choose which friend or friends we want let them see our story.

friends list

Once we have chosen the friends we want to see our private story, all that remains is to share it. At this point we just have to place filters, emojis or text that we want to improve our history in our own way.