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How to Create a Geolocated Group in Telegram to have Contacts Near you?

14 de November de 2021

Telegram is renewed every day to give you the opportunity to establish contacts and meet more people with its function of geolocated group. Learn how to create this group and how to find people without creating a group in Telegram.

What functions do Telegram geolocation groups have?

Having Telegram is advantageous because it rewards its users with interesting functions in its application such as geolocation groups. Next we will show you how these geolocation groups work with nearby people and what is the allowed distance.

People nearby

One of the functions is that it allows you to have contacts of people who are close to you. That way, you can add contact from friends that are around you. When activating the contact finder for this group, it will show as a result contacts that are nearby. Which is undoubtedly a great advantage, since you will have the opportunity to meet people who are one step away from you.

Allowable distance

In a geolocated group it will only allow you to add people who are at a considerably short distance, to no less than 12 km where are you from, this being the radius or allowed perimeter of distance. And of course, you will not be able to add people who reside in another country or outside that range.

What is the procedure to create a geolocation group within Telegram?

To create a geolocation group in Telegram, you must first have the location active on your mobile device to start adding people to your group. Next, we explain the step by step in the different equipment:

On Android

You enter the Telegram application, click on the three lines, choose the People Nearby option, enable the location service by tapping on Activate and granting the permissions. To continue, you go to the section of Group close and click Create group nearby, then click on Start group. You put a name to the group and a photo to the profile. Finally, you click on Done.

On iOS

On iOS devices, you enter the Telegram application, click Contacts and click Find people nearby. Click on Allow access, where you enable the location service necessary to create the group. And in the Nearby Groups window, you click Create local group. In the same way, you put a name that identifies the group and a photo of the profile.

From the PC

In the case of the PC, we regret to tell you that at the moment the geolocated group function not available. Although you can download Telegram on the PC, not all functions are enabled to operate as with mobile devices.

How to find people nearby without creating a geolocation group?

With this Telegram function you can search for people without requiring you to make a group. Just by having the People nearby option enabled and granting the permissions, you will be able to find people to contact them. See how it is done on the different devices.

telegram application on mobile and pc

From the Android App

You open the app, click on the three horizontal stripes menu, tap People near you. After having granted permissions, you will be able to view the users that are around you, in the list that will appear on your screen you will observe the user names including the path they are on.

With iOS

You click on Contacts, in that section, click on the icon GPS to Find People Nearby, you grant the permissions and proceed to find everyone around you. As for the groups created, if you wish, you can join one of them or start contacting a specific one. Take advantage of this incredible feature, if you don’t have it yet, you can download Telegram from the App Store.

Using the web server

On this server it is not possible to use the people nearby feature to search for people, as you cannot provide your location to access this feature. So the most advisable thing is that, if you want to search for people close to you, use your mobile device.

Is it possible to prevent people from seeing that ‘We are close’ from my application?

When you use the function of People close to Telegram and other users who are close to you are also using it, they will be able to establish contact with you, when you leave the section you will no longer be visible to them. You can make yourself visible and also choose to prevent them from seeing that you are nearby. You open Telegram, click on People nearby and click on Stop showing me.