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How to Create a Free Zoom Account on Cell Phone – Step by Step (Example)

8 de May de 2021

A tool with which you can make videoconferences and make videos. If you want to know how to create a free Zoom account on your cell phone step by step, keep reading this tutorial, we will tell you step by step.

This application is available for Android mobile devices, iPhone and computers. You can also seamlessly use it directly from its website in your computer’s browser.

Zoom is very simple to use and everything is so well organized that we can access all its functions quickly and easily, and best of all, you can download the application and register with a completely free username (you can even change the name in Zoom before joining a meeting).

In case you want access a meeting or video that another user made on this platform you only need some data that will be sent to you by email.

How to create a free Zoom account on your cell phone quickly and easily

Download the application from the official Apple Store for iOS or MacOS devices, from the Play Store for Android or from the browser for your Windows or Linux computer

Once you’ve downloaded Zoom, open it up to start using it. To register you need to have an email address to which you have access and a password.

The first thing it asks for is your email, enter it and press Continue. A text box will appear with your email. Press Confirm in case you have written it correctly or Return to correct it.

Then press Send to receive the account activation email. Enter the email you used to register.

In your inbox, open the email that Zoom has sent you. It may take a few minutes to arrive. Check your Spam folder to make sure your mail has not been directed there.

Enter the message and click on Activate account. The link will take you to their website. From there you must complete all the fields:

  • First name, which will be your nickname or username.
  • Surname
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Your first name It is the one you will use in the future when you want to log in or connect to a meeting.

The password, as in all platforms you will have to write it twice to confirm it. It must not have a single character or consecutive numbers. Also, it must be a minimum of six characters.

Once you have done it, click on the orange button Continue.

This way you will already have your Zoom profile created and you will be able to access it from different places with your username and the corresponding password.

How can I access a meeting already created in Zoom in a few steps

To join a meeting, you must enter Login. A pop-up box will open where you have two options:

  • Pay in
  • Enter a meeting.

If you want to join a meeting, you must have the ID and password that one of the other participants has sent you to your email box. Or, you can create a meeting yourself in just a few steps (you’ll even be allowed to change hosts in a Zoom meeting if you want to).

blue zoom icon

Below the meeting ID field you can add your nickname or username so that others can identify you, instead of the password they sent you. In case you don’t have a profile created, you must use the meeting password.

You can choose if you want to play the audio or the image of your video:

  • Connect without audio, in case your role in said meeting is only to listen, or with audio in case you need a information feedback.
  • Connect without video, in case you only want to send your voice to the meeting, or with video in case you prefer that the rest of the members of the meeting see your face or have something to show.

As you can see, it is very simple and fast create a free Zoom account on your cell phone. If you have any questions about it, such as: how to delete my Zoom account? You can leave it in the comments to help you.