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How to Convert Excel File to JPG Online Free

14 de July de 2021

Convert Excel file to JPG ?, how can that be possible. Excel, a spreadsheet program is known; with the purpose of automate work with numbers and to be able to analyze them generating graphs or tables, among others.

Therefore Excel gives you the option to perform basic and complex calculations that are organized in two fundamental aspects that are the columns represented by a letter and the rows by a number forming cells; and each one will have a unique address.

But Excel goes far beyond calculations. Its files are so versatile that they lend themselves to many conversions, which can be done both online and using programs. It is very common, for example to convert an Excel file to PDF without losing the format.

We can convert an Excel file to TXT separated by semicolons, ideal for certain types of data imports; or you can also convert an Excel spreadsheet to HTML online. With Excel, the possibilities are many.

It is even possible to convert Excel charts to a TIFF image online. Reason why, it is not at all strange to do an Excel conversion to a JPG image. Next, we will explain how this type of operation is carried out.


What is the purpose of converting Excel to image files?

The purpose of converting an Excel chart or table to an image is to prevent any user from changing itIt also makes it easier for you to include these spreadsheets on a website without the need for the person to have Excel installed.

The JPEG format is universal and it has a great compatibility with the main operating systems, very common for photographic and digital images; but JPEG file extensions work for MAC and JPG extensions for PC.

Differences between JPEG and JPG

Jpeg is the acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group, belonging to a group of specialists who devised encoding and compression for MAC digital images with iOS operating system; methodology that also works as a file format and image compression.

Instead the JPG extension performs the same, as mentioned above but to archive the images that are used on a PC or Windows, also to compress, this format is based on bits, since its extension is only three characters long.

How to Convert Excel File to JPG Online Free?

There are many pages to convert Excel to JPG online and for free, we will take PDFMall as an exampleThis converter is very easy to use without restrictions or limitations, you should not register or provide any personal information; Another advantage is that it can be used at any time and device.

Excel to JPG converter image

The procedure is done in the url and covers the following steps:

  1. Select the file you are going to convert, then choose the format by placing in the corresponding boxes from “Excel” to “JPG”; Also, you can enter the URL address of the Excel to be converted.
  2. Now the mode is chosen, if needed “Use only text from Excel” or the “OCR” (Optical character recognition).
  3. Finally click on “Convert now”.
  4. Once converted, if you wish, you can save it or use it immediately.

If for any reason, you wish convert a JPG file to Excel. It is also very simple, using the same previous PDFMall converter at the address, it is done as follows:

  1. In this first step you must select the JPG file you want to convert. Then you choose the format and put the names in the corresponding boxes; ie from “JPG” to “Excel” or enter the URL address of the JPG file.
  2. The recognition mode, “Use JPG Text Only” or “Use OCR”, is selected.
  3. We click on “Convert now”.
  4. Once ready you can also save it or use it at once if this is the case at the moment.

To conclude, we can mention the advantage of having these applications on the web pages; that are quick and easy to use, to convert different formats instantly. In addition, you save a lot of time and effort in having to modify them on your own.