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How to Convert a JPG Image to a PDF File? – Best Apps

29 de January de 2022

Those who work with images and files, or who wish to provide better quality and more comfort when opening documents, printing them, etc., can turn into a JPG image in PDF. This is very helpful when saving documents or for easier editing and perhaps annotating PDF files.

This article will explain how to convert a JPG image to a PDF file. Since it is not only possible to do it with a single type of program, but with several, these will be explained clearly throughout the article. In addition, there will be a section where will explain which online tools to use for this.

What editing programs can you use to convert your JPG files to PDF?

There are a myriad of editing programs that can be used to convert a JPG file to a PDF. Since this is very popular and used today, also certain Phone apps manage to have this option. Also, it is so popular to have images in JPG format that there are also ways to convert PNG images to JPG.


When creating a document in Photoshop, the first thing is to know how to use the application, this must undoubtedly be handled by the user who wants to change the JPG image to PDF using the tools of this system. Then, being inside the Photoshop application or tool as a program, you have to locate yourself and make good use of the image that you already have in JPG to take it to PDF.

The image may have already been designed and edited in this professional design and editing program. Of course, having done this work in the Photoshop interface, you will need to save your changes. Then, being located in the open document, the user should go to the file and go to the save as section.

After clicking save as, a tab will be displayed under which you will choose a path address for the PDF to be saved. This can be changed thanks to a drop-down format in which are the file saving options in the computer. From there the user will be able to choose and change from JPG to PDF format.

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Adobe Acrobat

Similarly, just as Photoshop when editing can save its files in any format, when you edit something in Adobe Acrobat, you can also change the shape of the file format. This is extremely important for those who want to edit their PDF later in other kinds of activities.

What must be done to change the format from Adobe Acrobat is: Open the program, look for the tool that is called Improve scans, this tool can be found in the right panel of the program. When locating it, it will be necessary to use it and with it, choose the file to convert to to PDF.

After the file is chosen and edited within the program as it should normally be done, just click save file. To finish this, it will display the series of formats in which it can be saved, the user must choose the PDF option.

What are the online tools you can use to convert your JPG images to PDF?

There are plenty of tools under which you can convert JPG images to PDF, such as PowerPoint. However, from this point on, those that are online will be taken into account. With them it is much easier to convert the formats.

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SmallPDF is an online file converter. From this it will be very easy for users to transform a format from one to another. With this you will only have to drag a JPG file once you are inside the converter, and going to the size options, you will have to click create in PDF now. That way it will be converted.


Lastly, Ilovepdf also tries to convert files. That is why when visiting this page you can use the free online service. With it it will be basic and simple, you will only have to look for the JPG to PDF converter in the line of tools, do the conversion and save. With all this information raised it will be easy and fast to save the files.