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How to Contact PUBG Support for an Error or Problem? – Hit the Target

31 de January de 2022

Can you think of a game that you had to run away from because it started crashing? He is not the only one, there are some participants who simply cannot even enter. As this It’s something that happens in the video game PUBGTherefore, it is good to know how to contact PUBG support for a bug or problem.

It was with this in mind that this guide was made, to answer these questions and also inform you how you can claim a PUBG Ticket. Also, Where is the customer service in PUBG and How else can you contact the customer service of PUBG; let’s see. Whether it is due to forgetting your password or other reasons, here is a detailed article that will allow you to recover your account if you no longer have access to it.

What to do if you lost your PUBG account to recover it?

The PUBG account is often lost because at some point you may have used a ‘cheating software’. Also, the account is lost because you have frequently offended other participants; if that is the case, then nothing can be done to recover it. However, if you lost the account without having made any mistake, this means that it has been the subject of an error.

However, in this case, if you are able to recover your PUBG account, you only need to submit the claim to customer support as follows:

  • Proceed to log in to your PUBG account, if it is the first time, you will receive a message informing you of the interruption.
  • Following, click on the choice entitled Complaint, This part comes from setting up your defense and at the same time explaining why a mistake has been made against you.
  • Likewise, it is important that your defense be as cordial and friendly as possible, it must be simple, understandable, brief and without spelling errors.
  • If you want help, don’t use aggressive language, and it is important to identify, to say why he lost the account and that it is the first time it has happened to him.

How can you claim on a PUBG Ticket?

The Ticket is a new trick that appeared on the PUBG map, and you are going to get it through from a machine that gives you an RP Ticket. Next, we are going to tell you what you must do to find this machine that gives you these Tickets as prizes:

  • You must be located in a place called ‘Coal Mine’ and look for the machine in one of the houses that are there, you will see the entrance and then pass two red buildings.
  • In the middle, we will see a gray house, it is there where you must enter to look for the machine that will give you the Ticket.

person playing with a mobile

  • At the door, head to the left, and on a table you will see the machine out of the ordinary, something you have not seen anywhere.
  • Bottom right, You will see a sign that says ‘Investigate’, the player must start looking at the machine as if trying to find something, but without giving him anything.
  • You must return to the Lobby and start looking in the message box, and you will see a mysterious message that says ‘Mysterious Event Reward’.
  • This message comes because you found the machine, open it and you will see that you got a reward, a Free RP Ticket. It should be noted that these rewards can vary, so you should look for several machines, or the same machine can give you a different reward every day.
  • click in the icon titled ‘Collect’ to claim this prize, a new window titled ‘You got’ will open at the bottom click on the ‘OK’ icon.

Where is the customer service in PUBG?

The customer service in PUBG, You can find it by two methods, the first is From the PC version and the second is In PUBG Mobile; let’s see.

From the PC version

  • Start by opening an account on the official PUBG page, enter the email and mark the captcha to reveal ‘you are not a robot’.
  • Next, click on the choice ‘Sign up’; You will immediately receive an email giving you a ‘verification link’, enter the password and with this you are already registered.

pubg mobile game characters

  • Click on ‘Submit a ticket’ so that communicate with the group PUBG development‘, you will get a form that you must fill out.
  • Select the language you speak, put your nickname in the video game, the name ‘of the platform you play on, such as Xbox One or Steam’.
  • Write the reason why you require the service, in a cordial and friendly manner, simple, understandable, brief and without spelling errors.
  • Fill in all the indications that are in asterisk or attach a document with all your concerns and click on the Submit option.

In PUBG Mobile

  • Once you have PUBG Mobile installed on your device, what you have to do is write to customer service from there.
  • This you do searching the page start option ‘Helpthat you must click, then a form will appear where you must write the reason why you require the service.
  • You must put the nickname and the email where they will answer you, and by clicking on the clip, you will be able to attach a document.
  • Finally, click on the stamp which has a figure of a paper airplane, which tells you that you can send it.

Another way to contact PUBG customer support is through your email as: [email protected]

pubg mobile video game

Likewise, the document that you are going to write must be cordial, kind, simple, understandable, brief, without spelling errors and without offensive vocabulary.