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How to contact and claim Glovo – Glovo claims

24 de April de 2021

Buying from the internet is a habit that is increasingly present in our society and thanks to companies such as Glovo We can have all the necessary tools to buy comfortably, however you should know well what Glovo is, what it offers and how it works.

However, at some point you may receive a bad service What can you do in this case? In this article we will show you how you can contact this company and make claims easily.

What is Glovo?

man on bicycle with yellow glovo bag blurred background

It is an organization that began its operations in Barcelona In the year 2015, Glovo in fact, its main headquarters is still in this same city.

The purpose of this company is to provide an on-demand service that purchases and offers its customers everything they ordered from its application.

This business is based since it started in the economy on demand, and this is so, since it unites people who have enough time and a vehicle with other people who need a quick service to meet their needs.

This company has increased its popularity in the countries where it is available, and it has managed to obtain more than 37 million Euros in four rounds of financing to date.

If you want to enjoy their services and you don’t know how contact them, or you need to make a claim then stay to read this article where we will show you the different ways to do it.

How to contact Glovo?

person riding a bike with glovo bag between cars

One of the advantage that this company has, is that you can contact them not only in one but in different ways, and that you can get them to send you the food for free and without shipping costs

Via telephone

Business phone. You can use the via telephone to communicate with Glovo. You can call any of the telephone numbers that this company has. You can get these numbers from the city locator from their website.

Contact Glovo personally

If you are one of those who prefers to play it safe and speak with the company personally, Glovo allows you to address them without any problem, since it has staff trained to answer your questions.

To find out what the exact address is closer to homeYou simply have to go to the Locator option that you can find on their website.

Contact Glovo through social media

Being a company that has become popular, it is normal that you can get it on the main social networks, so you can join its community and thus know what the news and services Glovo offers you. You can find it on Facebook. Twitter and Instagram.

How to contact Glovo on Facebook

You can search your Official facebook page and this company will give you the opportunity to communicate with them through the private messaging of this social network so that you request the information you need or make the claims you need. In addition, by following them on this network, you will be able to find out the interesting news from Glovo.

How to contact Glovo on Twitter

Since it has an official page in this social network, you can communicate with them from it. In fact, it is one of the most used by Glovo and they are constantly updating the interesting news of the services they offer.

Contact Glovo via Email

This company also gives you the possibility to communicate with them by sending an email to their address [email protected] from where you can report problems with the schedule, problems with payments, bonuses or invoices and for general claims that you need to make.

Using a Smartphone

Glovo also has an application that you can download and install on your Smartphone. Because this company expects its customers to have a better service, it brings you this App that can be compatible with iPhone, iPhad and Android. And of course you can access your account from your PC.

You can download it from any of the compatible application stores and from it you can also make the claims you need as well as suggestions.

It is true that not everything is always pink and sometimes you may have to make a claim that you can make through the options that we indicate above and they will respond to your concerns. And in case Glovo cannot deliver the food you can see what other companies like Glovo are to bring food.