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How to Connect to Slack and Manage Your Connected Accounts (Example)

28 de June de 2021

Slack is one of the most useful platforms for keeping company members connected. For this reason, you may be interested in knowing how to connect to Slack and manage your connected accounts and in this article we offer you the answer.

What is Slack?

Slack is a platform for share messages through channels. Users can send and receive information to work together by connecting tools and sharing relevant business-level services.

Workspaces are often talked about in Slack, since they are part of a specific channel in which members of a company team or department can share ideas, proposals and in general terms to be able to work together through the use of the internet.

How does Slack work?

It works by Work spaces and different channels organized by the members or users of the platform. In this sense, messages and files can be shared from each channel between the members of a company and even to different branches if necessary.

It is important to mention that the information is shared transparently and the platform also provides a search history for quick access to the messages, files, channels and people that are part of Slack. However, some organizations prefer to download Google Meet to perform the same tasks.

How to connect to Slack and manage your connected accounts

In order to connect to Slack, you must have an internet connection, be member of a workspace on this platform and follow a series of steps that we present below.

Open the Slack app with your email

You can log into Slack using your email. To do this, you must go to the web browser that you have on your computer and log in with your email. You should know that if you require a single sign-on or SSO An additional procedure consisting of authenticating with the SSO provider is required to complete the login.

Subsequently, you will receive a confirmation code that you must enter on the Slack website. Therefore, your workspace will open and, if you have different spaces, you can press the “Start” button to access each of them.

Connect to Slack from Google

Another alternative for sign in to Slack is to use Google. Open the application on your computer and press the “Login” button. Remember that to do this, you must first download and install Slack on your PC. If you haven’t already done so, go to the official Slack website and press the “Download” button.

working on computer

Then, go to your web browser and press the option “continue with Google” and proceed to choose your account. Then, you will be able to see your workspace. You can access different workspaces that you have from the “Start” button.

Login to different workspaces

To be able to log into different workspaces, you must enter the application for computers and there select your workspace. Then, press the plus sign that appears on the left side of the interface. Then follow the steps above to either start with the email or through Google.

How to manage your connected accounts

In order to manage your connected accounts You should take into account the login button, as this is the safest and fastest way to access other applications from Slack.

In addition, it is convenient that when entering an application connected with Slack, you press the button that refers to this action. For example, if you decide to install Skype and want to link it, be sure to click “authorize” so that you can confirm your identity and authorize the service if this is your first time doing this task.

Disconnect your linked apps

If you prefer to disconnect linked applications, click on “Applications.” Then, select the applications directory found in the upper right corner and press the “Manage” option.

Make sure to click on “Connected Accounts” and then choose the applications you want to unlink. Finally, press “Disconnect”. In this way, you can revoke authorization connecting apps to your Slack account.