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How to connect my PC to my Smart TV? – With and without Cables

1 de February de 2022

With the new era of more ‘intelligent’ devices, televisions have not been far behind. Smart TVs are the new era of televisions and although most have advanced functions to be able to play streaming content, use applications such as WhatsApp and connect to the internet, which make it totally independent; in the same way they can be connected to the PC to give it another type of use.

What is needed to be able to connect your computer to the Smart TV?

Well, to connect your computer to your Smart TV you have multiple options, you can do it through the wireless projection connection that is installed in most of smart tvs and computers with bluetooth, but you can also do it through analog image and audio transmission cables.

How can you connect your PC to the TV with cables?

There are many cables to connect your PC with a television; directly exist what only transmit the signal from one device to another by the same port or type of video input on both devices, so they only carry the signal, so both ports are usually female or male.

But, there are also cables that convert the signal, because one of the two devices may not have the same input port for video graphics, so a converter receives the signal through a input type VGA or HDMI and converts it, transmitting through the output of its other end of the opposite type to the one it receives; that is, if the head of the converter cable is HDMI female, at the other end it must have an HDMI type head that will receive the signal.

Using HDMI

HDMI is a port that is responsible for transmitting audio and video between two devices, it is currently one of the most used to connect PC to TV, but there are different types of HDMI ports, so first you must identify it to know which cable you need specifically. Take a good look at the digital input and output ports on your computer and Smart TV.

The HDMI type A cable is the most used option in televisions that do not have an internet connection, that do not have integrated technology to function independently as a smart device. So, after identifying your two devices on the motherboard port panel, and based on that, you must buy the corresponding cable.

For example, if on your TV you have the HDMI type A input port and on your computer you have the type A HDMI output port, since both ends of the cable must have the same connector, now, if one of the two devices has a type C input, then you must buy a cable that has one end the connector type A and in the other type C.

smart tv tv

well after that plug the cable into the two ports, You must configure the TV and computer to merge. In the case of SmartTV, you can use the button on your remote that says ‘Smart and there select the corresponding input’, this may vary depending on each TV model, but if you don’t have it, you can go to settings> entry list>HDMI.

Via VGA cable

VGA or RGB is an analog transmitter cable for Full HD resolutions, its function is to transfer the image signal from one medium to another; However, there is only one type of standard VGA cable, so, if your computer has a VGA input and your TV too, to buy the cable you only have to check if you need it male or female at each of its corresponding ends to make the connection with each of the devices.

Now, to connect your TV to your computer using this type of VGA cable, start by turning off both devices and connecting the cable, then turn on the Smart TV and change signal to VGA or RGB input in your list of entries within the configuration; then, turn on the PC and choose how to transmit the screen with the keys “Windows+P”.

With a DVI cable

Finally, the DVI cable allows carry the signal from your PC’s graphics card to a monitor or TV in this case. This type of cable is generally made up of a DVI head at one end and HDMI at the other end, in order to connect the first to the PC and the second to the TV and configure it with an HDMI input in its list of inputs within the configuration .

dvi head for connection

What is the procedure to make the connection between your PC and the television without using cables?

If your TV has smart features like connecting to Wi-Fi, wireless projection or file transfer software that come built into Smart TVs for use as a monitor, you can make the connection between your PC and the TV without the need for cables additional.

Via Wi-Fi network

If your television is a Smart TV, you can connect it to your computer in a simple way through applications such as Screen Share or Plex, which is compatible with computers that have a Windows, Linux or Mac operating system. Now, If your television does not have the option to be Smart TV, but it has input ports you can buy a device like the Google Chromecast or Android TV Box and connect it so that through them you can connect to Wi-Fi and transmit the screen of your PC.

google chromecast device

Using Service

Finally, Serviio is a free server to connect your smart TV to the internet or to your PC. You just have to download and install it, connect your TV to the same internet as your PC and look for the Serviio icon in the list of entries; configure and you will be ready to access the content of your computer and view it from your television screen.