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How to Connect my iMac to my Macbook Pro – Quick and Easy

15 de June de 2021

When we acquire a new computerIn general, there are frustrating processes which we must carry out in a mandatory way, such as moving files between two computers.

Although it seems few things, many people take advantage of this moment, in order to put in order everything that they have within a device, in order to have control with all your documents, files, photos and videos.

However, it is a slow process, which we can do without much haste but in a correct way, as long as we follow the correct steps and process.

One of the ways in which you can do this process efficiently and quickly is by connecting both computers, so as not to delay so much in the process. Within this post, we will give you the exact keys with which you can make a successful connection with your devices and in this way, transfer your documents simply and quickly.

Learn the step by step here

  1. To get started, you need to connect both computers using an interface cable, more specifically a IEEE 1394, which must be connected end-to-end with both computers, using the appropriate slot and making sure that both ends are firmly seated.
  2. Once step 1 is completed, proceed to call one of the computers as “Server“, which ideally, should be that PC which has all your files. This happened, you can carry it out, entering the option”System preferences“and then hovering over the button”Share“.
  3. Here you can select the options you want to share, since this menu will show you different options, among which you can connect both computers. At this point, you can look inside the list and decide how you want both computers to connect.
  4. Try to keep the name of the network written down in a paper, which corresponds to the local address, since the second computer will need this information in order to connect.
  5. Once both computers are connected, you must click on the background image, which is inside your second computer, in order to enable the search option.
  6. Once done, you must click inside the drop-down menu “To go“, in which you must select the option”Connect to server“. You can see that a window appears in which you will be asked for the server address. When you have entered it, you will see that your iMac and your Macbook will already be connected.

mac wallpaper

Reasons to choose a MAC device

  • Reason 1, the possibilities are immense with an operating system like this

In general, all the products of this company are aimed at adults, who generally base their decisions on the durability and catalog of options that a company usually offers them.

Each of the Apple products is designed and created with the sole purpose of helping any of its users in any of their tasks, which must be carried out without errors.

  • Reason 2, it has an ergonomic interface, ideal for any type of work

The interface of all Macs is designed in such a way that it adapts to the needs of its users, since in terms of RAM memory, these tools are among the top in quality and service, especially the Pro versions, which reach up to 128 Gb of RAM.

  • Reason 3, none of your computers have any type of virus

Contrary to what usually happens with Windows devices, Mac devices do not need to use any type of antivirus, since they generally do not suffer from these types of computer threats.