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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to a Smart TV – Step by Step

7 de February de 2022

Bluetooth headphones have made life easier for more than one person around the world. Since they are so versatile that currently they can not only connect to the Android cell phone or the iPhone, but also They also fully fulfill their function in Smart TVs. Helping users to enjoy music and all digital content in a more personalized and enjoyable way. In addition, there are situations in which they are excellent at not bothering others.

For example, when you are watching Netflix series and movies, and you do not want to disturb family members while they are sleeping. In these types of scenarios, Bluetooth headphones, they are great to continue enjoying the best content no need to wake anyone up with the noise coming from the TV. For all these reasons, today we will teach you how to connect these devices properly in a matter of a few minutes.

How do wireless headphones work for a Smart TV?

Nowadays, it is very common for people to decide to make their headphones or earphones wireless so that more comfortable and practical to use at any time of day. And it is that, it is much better to sit down to watch movies or listen to music in a quiet way and without having to disturb third parties. For this reason, Bluetooth headphones have been pursuing significant improvements when it comes to synchronizing with smart TVs.

Making that, the sound sound as good as a wired system. The best of all is that you can get up from the armchair either to go to the kitchen or the bathroom, and still continue listening to the sounds coming from the movie or series that you are enjoying. As for its operation, we can tell you that it is a radiofrequency mechanism that sends audio signals through the devices.

Likewise, older televisions that still do not have this type of technological innovation can use a Bluetooth adapter that allows them to transmit the sounds coming from the TV to the headphones without major inconveniences. Working, from any room with incomparable quality.

detect bluetooth on smart tv screen

How do Bluetooth headphones connect to a Smart TV?

Now if you want to get a excellent connection between your Bluetooth headphones and the Smart TV you have at home, we invite you to follow the steps below. Likewise, the television brands that we will be talking about are among the most popular and stand out for their good performance with respect to wireless connection systems. So, we hope that yours is on the list so that you can easily comply with the procedure.


If you have any of the TV models of the famous and prominent brand LG, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones by activating the Search Mode function. Next, you have to access the settings panel of your TV, selecting the Remote control option until you find the option that says Bluetooth audio output until a list is displayed with all the devices found near the area.

Once you find the brand name of the Bluetooth headphones you have, you will have to click accept for the changes to be saved correctly. Once this is done, a message will appear on the screen that will confirm the selection and will indicate that you can now proceed to use your headphones when watching TV.

establish connection networks between the bluetooth headphones and the smart tv


In the scenario that have a Smart TV of the renowned Samsung brand, you can perform this procedure in a fairly similar way. Therefore, the first thing you should do is activate the pairing mode directly from the Bluetooth headphones. Then, you have to go to the TV configuration settings and when you locate the Sound section, you will see an alternative that says Speakers or Bluetooth devices.

Immediately you have to choose the name of your specific hearing aids from the list for the system to recognize them. Finally, it remains for you to click on the Confirm option so that the changes are saved in the system.

Can I listen to the sound in the headphones and on the speaker at the same time?

This is one of the most frequent questions that users ask themselves and the answer is yes. It is entirely possible to listen to the sound simultaneously with the speakers and Bluetooth headphones you have. Of course, if you have an LG TV model, it is important that you locate the alternative that says Audio output internal speakers plus Bluetooth speakers. From there, you will be able to navigate through the panel until you activate the function.

On the other hand, if you are the owner of a Samsung TV model, what you should do is go to the Settings panel until you find the General and Accessibility feature. Later, you have to look for the section that says Various audio outputs, pressing on it so that this function is activated in a matter of a few seconds, that is the whole procedure so that you can start enjoying the best audio quality when watching movies from your preference.