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How to Configure TP-Link Extender to Increase my Wireless Network?

23 de March de 2022

It is very important in homes to have a good internet connection. Especially when we have in our homes a variety of technological devices such as Smart TV, tablets, smartphones or computers. For this reason, it is essential to have a good wireless internet connection to connect and enjoy the devices in our homes.

What should I consider before using TP-Link to increase the range of my wireless network?

The internet signal can be poor. Either because of the slowness of the internet or because the signal is low and does not allow a smooth connection. Different devices meet fix these issues for greater coverage in places where the signal is weak.

Some of the most popular devices are repeaters. They have the function of taking a signal broadcast from a modem and then intensifying and expanding the coverage that exists. Through your TP-LINK device you can increase the range of your wireless internet connection.

Before using a TP-LINK to increase the Range in our network. Whether for our office or our home, it is knowing the type of device we have because there is a wide variety on the market. Each of the models comply with different powers that cover the needs. Therefore, the signal tends to lose power for each room or space it passes through.

internet router speed

It should be noted that the speed of the internet router is very important, since there are routers with a certain capacity of MB per second. As a result, they will limit the power output of our internet. That is, if we have contracted our service of internet a broadband with a capacity of 200 MB per second. While our router is only 100MB, we will lose half the power due to capacity.

Number of devices to connect

Another reason why the signal can be affected or the speed of the Internet is the number of devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. This happens because the power of the internet will begin to be distributed among the number of devices. It means that the more devices are connected, the greater the probability of starting have a decrease in potency of the network.

tp link reach range

What is the range of the TP-Link Extender repeaters?

There are a variety of TP-LINK extender repeater models on the market. However, They will be an average of 900 m away. Taking this into account, the signal will be variable in the event that it is in an open site or the signal has to cross floors to the sides up or down. In this sense, the power will be altered and will depend very specifically on each model.

How to link TP-Link Extender with the router of my internet provider?

TP-LINK extender models are specialized in extending the wireless network. Therefore, they have the great advantage of work with any type of internet operator. So we will not have compatibility problems. Since it is only an extender or repeater of the signal that we have in our homes or offices.

TP-LINK extender models are currently the best sellers on the market due to their easy operation and configurations. In addition, we have several ways to configure it through the WPS router button or with the ‘extended range’.

With the WPS button on the router

To configure our TP-LINK extender through the WPS button, we must find the WPS button on both the router device and the repeater. Now we will proceed to press it, then it will start looking for a signal to be able to link.

Once the button is located, we will go to the place where we want the repeater. Remember that we must look for a place where the signal is almost at the limit. So we can expand the signal to the sector where there is no Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, we will proceed to connect it to a power connector.

configure tp link extender

After waiting for the TP-LINK extender to turn on, we will wait a few seconds after it turns on and proceed to press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router for several seconds. After releasing it we must now go to the button of the TP-LINK range extender device and we will also press the button for a few seconds.

We will know if the wifi extender is connected and configured, if the computer lights turn on in a circle. Then we will know that the installation is complete.

Using ‘Range Extender’

If our Wi-Fi router device does not have a WPS button, we must proceed with the installation manually. The first thing we must do is connect our internet theme to a power outlet until we wait for the equipment to start flashing.

However, We can connect it via ethernet cable or wirelessly. If we decide to use the cable, it is necessary to disconnect the computer to the wireless network so that it can be connected.

If we decide to connect it wirelessly, we must connect by cable to the computer. Selecting wireless network connection&quo. Now, we must click on the update icon and connect the extender. This way we can see the name of the equipment which will appear as TP-LINK extender plus a number that identifies it.

activate repeater tp link

Now, on our computer, in any browser, we will enter the official TP-LINK page and access the corresponding section to extend the range. We press enter to open a page with the methods that we can choose at the time of installation.

When selecting one of them we will then put a username and password that in this case in both you must put the word admin. When entering we can select the quick configuration section. We select the router network and write the password. This way we can see if the repeater has the signal lights on.

Yes, we check that the light starts to blink, it means that the connection is made. Now we can connect the extender in the fixed place to repeat the signal and have a better coverage.