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How to configure the HDR of my Play Station 5? – Activate or desactivate

16 de February de 2022

PlayStation 5, one of the favorite consoles on the market, has had considerable success not only in one but in several games released, some being great classics. The truth is that since its inception they have known how to entertain their users. In terms of graphics they are always at the forefront Improving everything they can, this gives the user the possibility of having access to a good image quality.

The new console brings us an unknown, what will the new PlayStation 5 be like? When we talk about image quality, it has the ability to offer 4K and HDR, which means higher contrast, a greater range in the relation color and brightness. Next we will see how to manage this part of the console and what is necessary to enjoy these features.

What requirements does my Play Station 5 console need to meet to set up HDR?

The requirements have nothing to do with the console, since these options are included in all the presentations of the PlayStation 5, in case you need any requirement it could be an update, but only that, since these come with the appropriate inputs. That is to say, quality depends on entertainment system connected to.

There are games that have a quality that has not been seen before and we can take advantage of all this, have a experience in high definition to, and see everything in stunning qualityeven if we go through the previous console, the PS4 games that are compatible with the PS5 we can play them again with more detailed graphics than before.

Have an HDMI 2.1 specification

The cable referred to to access this entire range of high contrasts is HDMI 2.1, it is defined by its characteristics of supporting 8K at 60 FPS, which can be defined at this time as a super-fast HDMI cableit also gives the assurance of wide compatibility that does not require being specific with TV brands or anything like that

connect with hdmi 2.1 cable

Use video output in 4K at 120 Hz

This is a considerable increase at 120 FPS in 4K and thus also has a maximum 10K resolution, supports HDR and its 48 Gbps bandthis video output assures us that the details and resolution of the screen will be the maximum that can be accessed, for the enjoyment of video games and other entertainment topics, which can be acquired through the console.

What steps should I follow to activate or deactivate HDR on my Play Station 5?

First, we must make sure we know if the TV we are using is HD full HD or UHD 4K, after making sure that the device is compatible with the configuration that we are going to make; we can proceed to the steps to activate this option, on the Start screen of the console we enter “Settings”, then you go to the “Image and Video” part.

In this section you will get the HDR option, which will be deactivated when you click on it, a small window will open, in which you will see two options “Off and Automatic” and we choose “Automatic”, at this moment the options will be activated to be able to adjust the HDR on your console.

What HDR options can be adjusted on my Play Station 5 console?

With this option already activated we can enter the HDR settings, to make a personalized configuration, this part is a bit tricky, so we must know the specifications of the television and then be able to make the adjustments to the console, and thus take into account what we are going to do. Here we will find three options that will be displayed in the form of three screens, each one adjusting more defined and subtle contrasts.

The first is from a white tone, the second dark tone and the third is black; with the command we give the crossheads up and down; until you adjust the symbol that appears on each one. A tip would be to go up until it disappears and then go down until it fits well defined. It is advisable to know the characteristics of the PlayStation 5 and know everything it offers before making changes

configure hdr definition

Why can’t I set HDR on my Play Station 5 correctly?

This configuration is not that simple, although there may be some inconveniences due to compatibility problems, this means that some televisions are simply compatible with HDR, but not with HDR 10K at 120 Hz but at 60 Hzbut it is always a matter of time that the PlayStation platform releases updates at some point and corrects all the inconveniences